Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday is FUN DAY

After months of planning, we finally arranged a day at the Zoo with Nicole & her friends.

We had to get the little one out of bed at 8, dressed him up and whizzed off to the ZOO!

All chirpy and ready in his cap & rubbed with sun-block

At the Zoo entrance

Photo with the deers. It was tough taking a shot with Jayden facing the camera. He couldn't stop looking at the animals!

Engrossed in the animal show.

This is the 1st time Jayden sat quietly to watch the entire 30min show in 1 seating! No fuss! Guessed he really enjoyed watching the racoons, monkeys and birds popping out from nowhere and ducks jumping into the water.

*grouch* show ended already??

We ended up not taking alot of photos because the little one got exhausted, probably from the heat, by 11 and was zonked out. We even missed going to the kids playarea where there were water play, pony riding, etc. We'll definitely bring him back again!

After 2.5 hrs of sweat, we treated ourselves to Ben & Jerry waffles & ice-cream before heading back home. We were glad that we arrived early at the zoo cause by 12, the carpark was queued all the way out to the main road of Mandai! That's the problem with 'limited entertainment'. Everywhere is packed.

Thanks Nicole for the homemade breakfast! Let's do it again someday!

** 1st time to T3 **

Yes, there's nothing wrong with the title. This is OUR 1st time to Terminal 3. It never really crossed our mind to visit the place until people told us that it's actually a very baby friendly place to go.

And so, we went there for dinner at Popeye. I can never understand the rave about their chicken. It is oily, the fries are over-fried. In short, it was a horrible dinner.

Jayden was having his nap while we having our dinner. He was still napping while we walked around to find the Mickey & Friends display until he heard some kids screaming "AEROPLANE, AEROPLANE!" And his eyes lit up and looked around. He enjoys looking at aeroplanes. Whenever one passes thru our house, he will quickly walk to us and ask us to carry him to the window.

Back to our search for Mickey, the place was so huge, we didn't know where to start. So we asked this blur guy at the candy house counter for directions since he works there. And guess what that joker told us? "Err.... They are all on the road side leh". And it was raining heavily outside!

Not wanting to disappoint the little one, we decided to look around instead. And we're glad we did!

Posing with Mickey & Friends

A very happy baby with his Daddy

Back to that joker. He wasn't lying! While we headed back home, we saw the Mickey mouse & friends alongside the road as well!

And that pretty much sums up our Sunday last week. We hope you had fun baby!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Growing Up Gifted

I have been contemplating for the longest time whether or not to bring Jayden for classes. After reading some reviews, I wanted to enrol Jayden to a class that is coupled with learning & playing. Growing Up Gifted (GUG) was one of the choice.

But I didn't want to jump on the wagon and signed him up immediately to 8 weeks of classes without knowing if he'd enjoy the curriculum. I'm so glad that such places allow for just 1-time trial before you sign on a package.

And so we brought our little terror to his 1st class (apart from him attending one session of gymboree @ 6 monnths). We were quite excited about it until we were told that only 1 adult/caregiver is allowed in the classroom. :( So disappointing. Means both parents cannot get to experience the class together with our little one.

Well, knowing that Dylan cannot handle Jayden on his own, it was just Mommy and toddler.

Getting warmed up

Mommy, I'm all ready!

Obviously, we have to start teaching him to SHARE

And still full of engergy with Mr Happy after class!

Jayden with his art & craft snake

Jayden didn't take very long to warm up to the environment. Maybe because there were other 'fellow' friends there as well.

There were art & craft, story telling, bubble time and most bits of it were singing and swinging your toddler up & down. It was a nice session but I felt that it would have been better if we could have both parents in the classroom, especially during the sing-a-long session, carrying your baby UP & DOWN. EXHAUSTING & BACK BREAKING.

Dylan and I felt that Jayden wasn't ready for such long classes yet as the little terror just would not sit still. While the rest of the toddlers listened attentively to the teacher, Jayden was busy rummaging the toys, disturbing other parents and screaming away when he got excited. We really hope it's just a passing phase.

So after a good 1.5 hours of 'aerobics' with our toddler, we went to Swensons for some ice cream and dessert. Obviously, his glum face is telling me to not waste time taking photos and start feeding him that mudpie!

Don't worry little one, we will bring you for more classes and hope you'd enjoy each and everyone of it!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

13 months

Happy 13th months baby!!!

I nearly forgot this date. It seems like once they hit the 1-year old mark, we stop to count in months anymore. Lousy mummy... ...

We took Jayden for his 1 year old photoshoot at The Studio Loft. I must say the experience was worse than his 6 months shots. Now that the little terror knows how to walk, he wouldn't sit still for a decent shot! So after this 'dramatic' experience, Dylan and I told ourselves that it would be the last. (We'll see)

This is our cheeky boy growing to almost half our height!

And finally we got a nude shot!

Even when busy, the big boss still wants to eat

The things he could do these days: -
1) Kisses you when you ask him to although he still kisses his toys more

2) Will walk to the trashbin and throws his soiled diaper when you ask him to

3) Will keep his toys when asked to then throw them out again to play

4) Screams when he doesn't get things his way

5) Loves to imitate us cleaning/mopping the floor

6) Recognizes words like "Bus, apple, bear, aeroplane" but can only say apple and 'bao' for bread

7) Prefers to sleep on his own now, thus no need mummy :(

8) Claps his hands when he hears a song, can recognize that it's a song

9) Offers biscuits to strangers and then take it back from them (this is quite embarrasing. heh)

Jayden is getting quite a handful these days and usually by the end of the day, Dylan and I will be totally worn out chasing him around the house. There are moments that we don't understand his cries and outburst of frustrations and sometimes we just lost our patience. But we kept reminding ourselves that it is our duty to teach our little one the rights & wrongs.

It's not going to be easy but it will be an enjoyable journey. So hang on tight little one!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

He walks!

Jayden took his 1st baby step before he turned 1 but he would always fall after a few steps.

But a week after his birthday, he is walking quite steadily now. Even removing 'obstacles' from his path.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun @ Jacobs Ballas

And so, to end the month of October with fun-filled activities, Celeste and I arranged to bring the boys to Jacob Ballas.

We planned to meet 10:30am for a breakfast picnic. However, we didn't planned the unexpected jam and the location of Jacobs Ballas. Dylan parked at the center of Bontanic Gardens and so we had to walked 15 mins to get to the destination. Celeste and Kevin decided to drive instead.

And finally we met. Set up the picnic area and gobbled up hungrily at the food. Celeste prepared sandwiches and sausages. Me being a lousy cook, bought some kueys, pastries, otah, etc. The adults were so hungry, we finished up everything before we could even take a photo of it!

Ziv eating his onion ring

Jayden with his mouth food of cake crumbs

Daddy holding his hand to walk

At the water fountain

I had to capture this shot. He was whining because he wanted to play with the water but needed me to be by his side. Hence, mummy got wet too! And mummy didn't have extra clothes!

Finally happily playing and poor mummy trying hard not to get wet

It was a great day out with the boys despite the heat. A break from all the shopping and dining. The boys had fun at the riverside watching fishes, turtles and helplessly at other people blowing bubbles from afar. hehehe...

It was an enjoyable trip and we certainly looked forward to more! Of course, the next time, we'll be more prepared.

Our part time helper

We couldn't afford one so the little one had to help out. (Just kidding la!)

It's amazing how kids are interested in what adults do. Jayden loves to watch when Dylan starts sweeping / mopping the floor. And once Dylan was done with it, he will take up the mop and start imitating his Daddy. A good way to start encouraging him to clean up his playarea? :)


Sidetrack... ... Jayden was down with a viral fever since Tues. In the wee hours of the morning, he started crying and screaming like he was in pain. Nothing we did could comfort/soothe the poor boy. We figured that he was just very very uncomfortable. Measured his temperature and it was 37.7 degrees!

Dropped him off at the in-laws place before work and the sick boy just wouldn't wanna let Mommy go to work. And when we finally managed to seperate us, Jayden was wailing pitifully. My heart ached.

Called back home at 11am and MIL told me his fever has gone up to 38.4 degrees! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? BRING HIM TO THE DOC! I nearly screamed over the phone. It just baffles me to think that they were still taking it slowly when Jayden was moaning in pain. Brought him to KK A&E and nurse measured him again, this time it was a shocking 39.8! Doc said no signs of dehydration but just ruled out as viral fever and throat inflammation which could be the reason for his discomfort. Wanted to admit him but doc refused and said to come back only if the fever did not subside.

Fed paracetamol and for the rest of the day, it was agony for him. He wouldn't eat/sleep, didn't even want to take his favourite bath. At that point, I wished I was a SAHM that could be by his side. :(

After days of sponging and medication, his fever subsided but he developed a nagging cough. Let's pray that it'll go away soon.

To those who have sent me messages, thank you for your comfort and advises. Jayden will be back in action soon.