Friday, January 21, 2011

Reflecting 2010

I know 2010 is very much long and gone but I thought I should pen down some moments to remind myself that I'm blessed to have lived another year smoothly.

On the son, one would be when he started his pre-school at TRBK. I think he really enjoyed learning playing in this school albeit a short 1 year.

On some milestones (if you call it that way) achievements, We managed to 1) wean Jayden from the pacifier when he was only 2, 2) wean off the diaper at night and lastly getting him to poo in the potty. Of course, that translates to alot of savings $$$ :D

Come April, Dylan switched to a new job after serving for 5 years in his ex company. It was a pretty neat pay jump which complimented to a better lifestyle for us. :)

Then in May, I managed to go on a holiday trip with my parents. Something I've been wanting to do, also serves up as a memory for Jayden with his maternal grandparents.

Surely, how can one forget how I bade farewell to being 20s. :(

Our first NDP experience as a family with the nation. Jayden has started to learn to say the pledge in both languages and also singing the national anthem in school. It would have been more apt if we go this year. :)

This also happens to be the year our boy turned 3 while his mother turned 30. I wished I had one less zero though. We also attended his 1st pre-school graduation. I almost cried when I saw my shy boy performed in front of 200 people.

I must say 2010 had been an awesome 365 days although we did have a few hiccups - one with me having a flat tyre on an expressway and also our unfortunate encounter to hunt for another school for Jayden. The latter turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I now no longer have to worry about having no one to take care of my son or pull last minute surprises.

So 2010 was SMASHING. I am certainly embracing for a bountiful 2011 too! What's up? My treat to Dylan's birthday trip to Ho Chi Minh in Feb and our (or rather mine) long awaited trip to Europe in March!!!