Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The retreat

It is hard to imagine that we've been back for almost a week.

Up till today, Jayden will tell us that he'll like to go back to the hotel, to watch the squirrels, to swim in the pool with the inflatable dolphin, to play sand at the beautiful beach and of course have his daily dosage of ice cream at the bar.

From there, I'm glad I can tell that he enjoyed the trip, not just with us, but also with his maternal grandparents. Well, it always seemed that in order to make a family trip seamlessly fruitful, alot of backend preparations needed to be done.

Travel checklist: -

  1. Bringing adequate medication - you'll never know when you need it.
  2. Milk and snacks - always essential for a growing child
  3. Entertainment - what will I do without you portable DVD player!!!
  4. Toys - quite redundant but necessary to make sand play more interesting

And despite Jayden being diaper-free in the day, the amount of luggage still turned out the same - weighing at 32kg, to which I asked the husband worriedly "Our baggage limit is 40kg right?"

Jayden very happy he has his own set of luggage to bring

Our flight got delayed by an hour. We arrived Bali around 8 and by the time we checked into the hotel, it was nearly 10pm. Good thing about staying in Club Med is they have food almost 24 hours of the day. And so we had a late snack before turning in for the 1st day.

The son behaved pretty well throughout the flight. Thank goodness for in-flight entertainment!

ZZzzzZzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzz till next day ... ... ... and waking up to this... ...

** DAY 2 in BALI **

That surely kicked up our appetite and everyone had a hearty breakfast before proceeding to the resort orientation.


Obviously, the son wasn't the least interested in the greens, the spa, the golf and archery course, the many other facilities and activities that the adults could do. He just wanted to get himself dirty at the beach.

That kept him busy while I scooted off to join the water aerobics at the pool. Come holiday also must do some exercise mah...

After all the morning dramas, it was time for the terror to take his nap. And guess what! It happened to be Mother's Day and so Dylan gave me the afternoon off while he brought Jayden back to the hotel to rest. Free times are so hard to come by these days! Must seize!

And so, I treated my parents for a 2-hour long full body massage. Ahhh... ... if holidays could last longer...

Eat, sleep, play - Such is life

** DAY 3 in BALI **

More water play

Before we came, I promised my dad that I would give him a birthday treat to some local delights instead of the usual boring buffets or zi char in Singapore.

And the epicurious daddy picked a place 1.5 hours drive away (and another 1.5 hours drive back!) from where we were staying. Apparently, the restaurant is very popular in Bali and so we had no problems getting private drivers to get us there.

@ Ubud - Dirty Duck Diner

Thankfully, the crispy duck lived up to his name and made the rocky and rainy trip worthwhile. Most important of all, I'm glad my dad enjoyed it.

** DAY 4 in BALI **

The only downside of travelling with mom was that she constantly needed to get out and about - which leaves us very little time spent in the resort and eventually defeats the purpose of coming to an intergrated getaway where your meals and activities are included.

According to her, Indonesia's green chilli are great spices and that she needed to get some. And so began our hunt for a wet market. It may seemed like an easy task but proved to be a challenge especially when it was a public holiday in Indonesia!! -_- Mom still insisted to go... ...

Lunch at Kuta

This was our last night in Bali. There were baking class for the kids, candy floss, popcorn station, and even a mini race track. We had a go at the baking class, making gingerbread man, funny faces and bears. Chef Jayden decided that flour was meant to be thrown in our face and made a mess. Overall, it was still good bonding time. :)

Last day @ Bali

Hard Rock Bali T-shirt for the boy and a matching Bintang beer singlets


And finally our last day in Bali. Checked out at 11am and with nowhere to go, we went to Carrefour to buy some local snacks back home. That stash of goodies left us SGD60 poorer. They are now sitting in our cabinet, untouched, uneaten.



hiPPo said...

dat sounds like a super duper great holiday gal! aww... i m itching 4 one 2.. =)

mrs tan said...

Fantastic Trip!

PRIMA said...

i'm sure i would put on a lot with the 24hr meals available!

we can go down to your place and help eat the snacks haha

Emily said...

yea. we ate so much I think I'll need to rent your ab circle soon! haha