Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I need more space

I think everyone would agree that heels are like the 2nd most important accessory other than holding the latest IT bag over your wrist. A nice looking pair of heels accentuates the contours of your legs, a decent 4 incher provides an instant boost to your ego and of course, different colours denote for different occasions. Something the hub can never understand.

When I was younger and just started in the career world, I used to only own ONE pair of heels. Yes you got that right. The classic dodgy thin strappy with your toe sticking out black heels. I was a complete case of Ugly Betty.

Anyway, fast forward 10 years later, I bought my own house. Designed my own shoe rack the way it has to be to fit the design of the house.

Wrong move.

I shall make sure that my next house, the shoe rack has to be designed to fit my shoe collections, not the other way round! I now have shoes stuffed in my clothes wardrobe as the rack had ran out of space! *gulp* And the clothes wardrobe is another space issue! *double gulp*

As if it's not bad enough that I'm a poor space planner, I have also successfully instilled my love for shoes onto my son. I dug out Jayden's shoes for house-keeping one day and almost had a shock of my life!

15 pairs.

How did it even get to there?

Taken at 26 months so collection has since increased

Buying shoes for the son suddenly become a collector's hobby. Whenever I go on business trips or holidays, I would try to scout for shoes that are different from the ones we get locally.

Perhaps I should really tell myself to stop buying stuff like these for the boy. I don't even know if he would wear them eventually. And yes, we don't even want to go into clothes now..... ....