Thursday, June 17, 2010

Technology is a wonderful tool

Indeed it is.

It has kept me connected with my friends over the years. It didn't have to be a daily affair to know how things are going in their lives. Neither did it have to be a face-to-face interation. Occassional chats over MSN, visiting their personal blogs and a simple smiley icon on the sms are all it take to get re-connected again.

Rachel's 1st year birthday

I was invited by Elsie to her daughter's 1st year birthday. I was eagerly looking forward to it as I haven't seen her for a very long time. And of course to meet Rachel for the 1st time in person.

Reading thru her blog, from the time she got married, travelled almost all over the world, and then finally conceiving Rachel and growing up to a beautiful toddler, everything just seemed so surreal.

Back then, we were busy partying, drinking ourselves silly and having the most fabulous X'mas party. And now, we all have our very own families. We're getting so old! Haha.

The theme of the birthday party was Tinkerbell. The gals came in cutesy fairy outfits and balloon wings. Jayden on the other hand, came as "Superboy" - at least that's what he called himself to be. I had a hard time convicing the boy to wear the costume as he wanted to turn up as a Dinosaur!!! How challenging. -_-

Jayden had a whale of time at the party. He liked it so much he almost wanted to jump into the pool in his costume.

Thanks Elsie for letting us to be part of Rachel's 1st birthday. It was also great to see Helen and the rest as well.

To baby Rachel "You're finally 1! Please continue to grow up happy and healthy and be guai guai to your Mummy and Daddy!"

Best Wishes,
Auntie Emily
Uncle Dylan
Kor Kor Jayden