Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our virgin trip to US

Nope. Not to the States but to Singapore's Universal Studio.

Rachel happened to stumble upon a movie deal that allowed us complimentary entrance to US Hollywood Boulevard. Although it was only concession to certain parts of US, we thought that it would be a great idea for a simple evening stroll.

** Dinner at King Louis **

First to fill our stomachs. We ordered a Seafood & meat platter and the portion came like it could feed a herd! Maybe we looked very hungry.

Yummy food - BURP


Can you see far far away castle?

Popcorns, hot hot popcorns anyone?

Welcome to Hollywood!

We have Bob the Builder and Mad Hatter Queen

I was glad I brought Jayden to watch Shrek. He pointed excitedly at them when we visited the gift shops. I am only thankful he didn't demand us to buy any of them back.

And above photos (minus the first one) were taken from SY's trusty DSLR. *sigh with envy* Another item on my GSS list?