Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A wife has to wear many hats

It's time to dish away the notion that a wife's job only involves around the 4 concrete walls of a kitchen.

These days, being a wife means you'll need to be able to don many hats. Not only do we have to work as an extra source of income to the family, be the food supply of your infant, the educator and disciplinarian to your child, the soul mate and companion of your husband and sometimes dress as a teaser to make yourself still look appealing to the man (ok I'm really joking about the last part), you'll soon be also needing to know how to replace the lightings in the house or fix a clogging toilet bowl.

There you have it. And we don't even get paid for being a Jane of all trades.

Why am I whining?

The husband has gone for a 3 days 2 night sales seminar at the Ritz and have left the task of single-handedly ferrying the son home and to school for the next 3 days. No big deal considering that I've done this a few times when he was in reservist.

Now, the brilliant husband must be thinking that his wife is also capable and knowledgable to decide on the appliances to buy for his parents currently-under-renovation kitchen. He has rendered me the task to get "the best but reasonably priced (which simply means cheap and very good) kitchen sink".

Sure. I can do it. Easy peasy.

So I dropped by SSC last evening.

Not wanting to sound like a noob, I asked confidently to the SA, "I need a kitchen sink".

"Any particular brands? One hole, two holes, gloss finish, matt finish? Ceramic or stainless steel finish? Tap integrated with the sink or over the counter?", the SA enquired helpfully.


The many types of sinks to choose from

To ensure that I made the right choice, I called the busy husband. "Hello. So what kind of sink does your mom prefers?" To which the assuring husband reply "You decide." -_-

Cheapest is from China. Scratch that. Second is Australia. It even comes with free integrated chopping board and drainer. Old people like freebies right? I asked the friendly SA. She must be thinking I'm using my in-laws as an excuse to buy a sink.

Ini mini miny moe.

Finally, I decided on Reginox (from Holland) sink. Matt finish, less prone to scratches, deep basins. Ang mo brand cannot go wrong right?

After rounds of mind boggling to choose the 'perfect' sink, I proceeded to the cashier to confirm my order.

"Miss, so what kind of tap do you want to go with it? Mixer or non mixer? Short one, tall one sturdy one or thin one?


The many types of taps to choose from

Luckily, taps only come in ONE color. I was pretty impressed that it took less than an hour to purchase the items. C warned beforehand that delivery is not included and that I would have to cash and carry home.

Thankfully, the showroom didn't have ready stocks and so they offered to deliver the items FOC. How do you expect me to hand carry those things in my stilettos?!?

I passed the receipt to my in-laws when I reached their place and explained on how I managed to decide on what sink was supposedly the best.

They nodded doubtfully and proceeded to ask, "So when are you going to get the cooker hob?"


PRIMA said...

hahahhaa this is really funny! :)

my hub went away for 3 weeks prior to our shifting 2 years ago. how lucky are our husbands to have us right? hahaha

Emily said...

at least it's buying for your own house lor. I'm doing it for the in-laws. hopefully they accept the sink I picked!