Monday, May 31, 2010

A day in the life of a 'single' mom

When Dylan mentioned that his new job would require him to be at work on most Saturdays, my heart sank. I wasn't ready to handle the son alone on a weekend, clean his poo, bathe & feed him all by myself, especially the poo part.

How can you manage the day to pass with a hyper-active boy that gets bored easily?

I am only thankful that I know how to drive, I have a car and Jayden does not scream and yell in the car seat which he used to do when he was an infant.

I am even more grateful that I have someone to even prepare meals for the both of us and keep the son entertained!

And so, we spent the afternoon at Dewi's place - home cooked food, the company of Chloe and free flow of endless conversations. Saturdays breezes by quite easily. :)

I brought a mini finger art pack for the kids to try. It turned out..... quite messy!! But I guess the kids had fun making colors.

It was a great time bonding with just the son. I am not sure how long I can tolerate being a Saturday SAHM but I'll keep telling myself that more work = more $$$ = better life for the family!!!


PRIMA said...

next week, Jayden and Chloe can continue to do their painting.... so the parents can 'swim' without distraction hahahhahaa

Emily said...

too bad the 'paint' didn't materialise. hope all is well at your side!