Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The month of merry making...

DECEMBER - The month that arbitarily denotes that you should keep your weighing scale under your bed. Because dieting just doesn't make sense in the month of feast-ive season.

It also happens to be the month where parents - like frantic fans go around the island malls to fulfil your kid's dream of seeing their favourite TV cartoon character LIVE.

And so to avoid the frenzied crowd, we specifically took Jayden to watch Barney & Friends at United Square on a weekday. It really doesn't help when we have parents who think alike as well. -_-

19 Dec 09 - X'mas Gathering at The Yip's Abode

It started off with the casual idea of having a simple X'mas gathering like last year. But I was glad that there was a spontaneous member - Rachel, who decided to make X'mas even more memorable. So instead of just dinner and gift exchanges, there were also X'mas hats & bands and a neat red & black dress code.

The almost perfect red & black photo if not for an unassuming family who didn't read the theme. :p

I'm almost certain that Jayden loves X'mas - which meant log cakes, presents and lots of nice yummy food.

Hopefully, we can continue with this next year. Anybody want to volunteer their house? :)

24 Dec 09 - X'mas Eve

Instead of hitting down town and getting yourself stuck in the human jam, we decided to have a quiet X'mas eve at the comforts of our home. Bon and her partner came over and we had a simple X'mas feast.

Stuffed chicken from Hans
Black pepper bacon from Carrefour
Xmas cake from Conrad
The company of your friends & family on a quiet X'mas night. :)

25 Dec 09 - X'mas morning

Jayden, or rather the parents, couldn't wait until boxing day to open the presents. The X'mas tree was literally brimmed with presents for the son. All thanks to Mummy & Daddy's friends who doted on him.

The most favourite gift for the moment is the Thomas & Friends book collection from Auntie Celeste. It has now become his everyday bed-time stories. :)

This X'mas, I think Dylan and myself must have had a strong affiliation with bath works and chocolates & candies. I am now smelling of lavendar everyday.

Merry X'mas Everyone!


PRIMA said...

Glad to see I got the right present! Thomas and Friends! He really is a fan aye?

mrs tan said...

erm, i still cant understand kids well to get the perfect gift for them. so, uncle durian chose jayden's pressie instead! wahaha

Emily said...


yes! Jayden loves it! ask me to open up on the spot!

it's ok dear. the parents like the gift as well! kekek...we tested it on x'mas day at anchorvale field. it can really fly!

PRIMA said...

and oh, i like ur new blog title and theme :)

a suggestion, u may wanna take off the pink outline for the photos, since all montages have great looking frames! :)