Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A very belated gift

When Liv asked what Jayden wanted for his 2nd birthday, I was stumped. Not that the boy has all the toys in the world - it's just that we didn't want another bulky plaything lying around the house.

And so the autocratic mummy pondered on other options - Enrichment, dancing, art and even swimming classes. We attended a trial at Gymboree Music. And I must say it was DREADFULLY BORING. The teacher failed to even get Jayden to dance. The long waiting list on the swimming classes was enough to turn me off.

So after much procrastination, I finally decided to bring the son to the Thomas the Train show - after witnessing how much he enjoyed himself at the Hi-5 Musical.

I requested for only Mummy and son tickets but who knows Liv surprised us by coming along as well! "Just to spend some bonding time with Jayden", she said. :)

Before the show starts

I was a little apprehensive on the show due to the last time we watched the free performance at Marina Square - Thomas was literally stationary all the time. How can a live show be anything interesting when nothing is moving?! It needs to be dynamic!

And we, together with Jayden, were pleasantly surprised at how comprehensive the props were. Definitely every dollar well spent! :)

Although Jayden loves Thomas the Train, I must shamelessly admit that I couldn't recognize any of the other characters (except very obvious Thomas) until that night! So very unglam.

Thomas & the crew

And there we have Jayden with his very exorbitant Thomas light spinner. We realized that Singaporean parents are willing to splurge on their kids. The poorly crafted toy costs 20 bucks and it was sold out before the show started.

Thanks Liv for the wonderful birthday treat! :)