Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How much was it again?!

Cookie Flavour - The Apple of My Eye

It used to be branded bags, clothes and accessories. Nowadays, cookies can be considered a luxurious gift as well.

The husband wanted to get something 'unique' for his clients this year. From Harrods to L'occitane to C&E - I have exhausted all ideas until someone recommended The Cookie Museum.

On first look at the place, it was delectably decorated in Victorian settings and a wide array of cookies, chocolates and cakes to choose from. Flavours unheard of - Chicken rice, laksa, nasi lemak. Not something I would have fancied for a sweet tooth.

And then I teased the husband to get a tin for me. I usually only eat chocolate chip cookies but these cookies were different. They were, as the sales assistant proudly mentioned, 99% FAT FREE. And of course, with the premium of being fat free, comes the very fat price tag as well.

"Please take your time to eat them" - the husband warned. The cookies burned a $45 hole in his pocket.