Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paradise Trip

So having too many annual leaves usually resorted oneself into going on a holiday, instead of withering the precious days away in your own boring land.

And when you have a toddler in tow, your choices are pretty much limited. This is also to avoid having a very impatient bawling kid on board the plane for the next 6-7 hours.

A one week vacation to Club Med Bintan was something we reckoned to be ideal for a family trip cum birthday retreat for the two year old son.

Whoever invented the portable DVD player was a genius! It kept Jayden occupied the entire ferry ride. Jayden was so pre-occupied watching his favourite shows, he didn't even bothered what the gal was offering him - Gerber bites, something which he has stopped eating ever since he found Kokocrunch.

** After 2 hours of travelling on ferry & coach... **

Jayden can't wait to get into the pool

The one thing that we liked about Club Med was the endless flow of food and drinks - AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. Jayden helped himself to lots of milkshakes, ice cream and cakes, very much to his delight. As it was meant to be his birthday retreat, we didn't restrict his food intake and allowed the happy boy to indulge. By the end of the trip, we suspected that the son had put on weight.

Of course, other than eating & sleeping, sleeping & eating, there were alot of sun activities as well. We swam, built sandcastles at the beach (literally) and got ourselves very very sunburnt! *ouch*

And when the little one took his afternoon nap, we each took turns to participate in the club's in-house activities. I went snorkelling and wind-surfing while the unadventurous husband went to the gym.

It was a fantastic trip for the trios - alot of family bonding and getting fat together. Jayden exceptionally loved the fact that he could sleep with us on the king size bed. He usually sleeps in his cot at home.

Where should we go next year?