Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A little adventure down east

A while ago, I chanced upon a message on Rachel's MSN indicating that she wanted to go kite-flying.

After much procrastination and faux talking from the husbands, the gals decided to plan on our own and told the men to just bring us to the place when the day comes.

And all it took was just 1 day of msn chatting, emails, sms-es and all was set to go! Gosh, and men always complained that we women always delay their time. Tsk tsk.

I must compliment the ladies for doing a great job in making the picnic possible. There were soba, sandwiches, hot dogs and when Jess offered to bring spirits, I didn't thought she would mean it literally!

We had a wide spread of food & snacks, sipping on ice cold bacardi under the skies. Enjoyed ourselves thoroughly chasing after the boys, trying to make our kite fly for at least 5 minutes before it crashes back on the ground.

We still failed to fly our kite and it was concluded or rather, we assumed that our kite is faulty. *denial*

So when is next time Mrs Tan?