Monday, November 23, 2009


It used to be that four letter word that sends my heart pulsating rapidly. Getting the feet all burnt and sore was part and parcel of getting the good deals and discounts.

But when project B (for baby) came along, the shopping rendezvous slowed down and eventually stopped. Bringing a kid in tow just didn't seemed comfortably feasible any more.

Lately, I started to develop an addiction. The adrenalin was far more exciting than having to travel down town in search of something I may not eventually find.

The sheer exhilaration of pounding the keyboard, clicking the mouse and anticipating the arrival of your purchases a few weeks later in a neatly wrapped parcel was gratifying. Whoever said we need to get out of the house to do shopping?

From clothes, to accessories, toys, kids stuff, and even shoes. All you need is a very healthy mouse and keyboard that won't die on you when it runs out of battery. And when meagre item shopping doesn't satisfy, it's good to have contacts who travel overseas.

Introducing my latest hedonistic purchase... ...

Ahhh... ...whoever said early Xmas shopping hurts?


Cel said...

welcome to the dreamworld of bagaholic. you shld change your blogskin as i believe this is not going to be a just a kiddy blog for long.