Monday, August 27, 2007

Back from the visit...

... Went for the routine check-up at KK on Saturday.

1) Baby's head is down now (not sure if it's engaged)
2) Placenta has moved up beside baby's head (means good news, can opt for natural delivery)
3) Baby is weighing at 2.1kg at Wk32. (gained 800g since 4 weeks ago, means might not be able to opt for natural if baby continues to grow at this rate)

Gynae said baby is on average size but I'm doubtful. According to certain charts, baby should be about 1.9kg at Wk32. So our baby is slightly above the range. I'm worried cause baby may end up 3.5kg - 4kg, which means possible emergecy c-section since I'm opting for natural delivery.

Sneaked into KK's ward to view their 1-bedder versus the 4-bedders room. The 4-bedders CANNOT MAKE IT but would have to choose that to save some cost. Wonder why KK only gave two options. Cannot have 2-bedders meh? *grunts*

Didn't know I was ready to choose my admission package until I happen to check with the counter nurse on the maternity package only to realize my file is already with them. (Terrible service at KK)

Next visit is scheduled 3 weeks later - 15 Sep where baby will be at 35 weeks. (Shouldn't they be scheduling me for 2 weeks / month visit already??!) *grunts even more*

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The days of waiting...

... is making this mommy very very impatient. 2 can 2 months be so abnormally LONG?! I want to see my baby, feed him, dress him up with all the cute clothes I got, melt with tears when he yawns or cooes. But there's still 2 more months to go... :(

These 2 months have been tormenting - the sleepless nights, the inconvenience of having a bump and not being able to do anything but just sit, lie down, roll-over (sounds like a dog, yes?) , the agony of having NOTHING TO WEAR, the endless hunger pangs you get almost every hour, the fear of getting stretch marks & pimple outbreaks and the nagging question ringing perpetually in your head - WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE OVER???

I think I must have developed early post-partum depression. I find myself lately sitting alone at baby's room and staring at the empty cot, thinking - When can I put on the fitted sheets and bedding set? When can I start washing the clothes & diapers and putting them nicely in the wardrobe? Will I be able to breastfeed? Will my baby be fine? Am I able to handle this?

They say that such thoughts are NORMAL because we're getting anxious and impatient excited for our baby to come to this world. I really hope so because I SIMPLY CAN'T WAIT...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The final leg of the race...

... Finally, I've reached the 3rd trimester stage. My body is suffering from every inch & ounce of any possible pregnancy symptoms you can think of.

  • My back is aching - Due to sleeping at the wrong position. The pain has been there for a week now.
  • I cannot find a good position to sleep - Left / Right. With the bump, it gets more uncomfortable and I always worry I'll squash my baby if I lean too much in front.
  • Totally drained out - I need to sleep by 11pm everyday but I still feel tired
  • I have hemorrhoids and the pain is killing me :(
  • I can't watch what I eat now. I'll just stuff whatever I see in my mouth and watch helplessly as the weighing scale moves up

I've lost count of the number of days left. It's perpetually on my mind, every single moment. I even DREAMT how my baby would look like although I secretly hoped that it'll turn out the way my dream was, all cute and smiley. :)

It's getting more and more exciting...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The routine at KKH...

... So last Saturday, we went for the usual monthly check-up at KKH with KT Tan. Just like any other months, we followed the routine religiously - Register at counter, take a pee on the urine stick, check your weight & blood pressure and then wait for your gynae to see you.

Now, I've realized the hardest part was not the waiting but in fact, the time when I have to pee on the urine stick.

I always make sure I drank a large amount of water before I left the house, took a few more mouthfuls during the journey to KK. But once I reach the toilet to do the deed..... NOTHING. Then I'll spend the next 10 minutes looking aimlessly below, coo-ing my lousy bladder to start working - STILL NOTHING. Tormenting process...

So anyway, the visit to the gynae was pretty fruitful this time as I've prepared a list of questions to ask. I realized that if I didn't ask, she wouldn't advise either. -_-

1) Baby is doing fine & well, weighing at approximately 1.3kg, supposedly average size.
2) Placenta is still low, we'd had to continue to monitor that. (The only thing that puzzled me was why didn't the gynae even warn me to be careful after I did my 1st detailed scan in May!)
3) As long as baby is moving, although not responding to our calls, IT'S FINE.
4) Mommy has already put on 8kg in total and that's freaking her out.

Next visit on 24-Aug. Time to go for their hospital tour...