Saturday, November 17, 2012

Guilty as charged

I have the iPad to blame. Every since I bought the unconniving device to catch up on my K-dramas, I have abandoned the laptop. Blogging has taken the back seat, correction, it is out of the window.

I am almost appalled to discover the amount of "undownloaded" photos in the SD card.

So once again, what has been going around?

There has been a few "First" for us.

Formula One

We watched F1 after it's 4th consecutive run thinking that it will be the last - until the government decided that noise pollution wasn't enough yet.

Singapore Flyer

It was a "First" alone with the Son - complimentary of Auntie Leng. I don't think the kid remembered taking the Flyer when he was only 2. So it was a good refresher for us.

1) He discovered that he could see the world from the Flyer.

2) He discovered there's a water fountain at the bottom of the Flyer.

3) I also discovered that Belgian choc ice-cream has liquor when the Son commented that it was so delicious. -_-""


Hobby + Collection

Knowing that Jayden has never inherited my 'artistic' interest, I bought some 'peel and paste' artwork for him to try.

Verdict: Kept him busy for a while before he decides that his "Cars" collection are more interesting that deciding what color a peacock should look like.



His 1st Sports Day
Being an athletic person myself, I was excited about the Son's 1st sports day. Especially I was told that he would be part of the cheerleading group! Who says cheerleading are for gu niang only?

So proud of the little one when he performed in front of the entire stadium! Definitely another first for us too. I really have to give credit to the Japanese coach who can make my restless boy remember ever move and cheer.


1st encounter with Lego
I know he's slower than some. Only recently, he took an interest in Lego. But it has to be Cars Disney related or vehicles. Will show some of his small model fix-up another time.
Now back to my iPad.