Saturday, September 15, 2012

The reason for my hiatus

And so what seemed like it happened just a while ago has already past for 2 months.

Why have I stopped blogging? Where are the photos?

3 rounds of celebrations

2 back to back buffets (yes one lunch, one dinner)

2 large and very yummy cakes to finish

2 brunches and a lunch later... ....


While I was editing the photos, I looked at myself in horror. The evil hub has secretly converted me to look like him. Like they say, if you cannot lose weight, then make your partner look like you. Ok I don't know who said that but I'm sure that must have been the plot.

It started with a very innocent off-day with C at the spa.

Spa was fantastic and we were even lamenting why it only lasted for an hour. And then C suggested we have a good brunch for my birthday treat. I suspect it meant to 'compensate' our short-lived luxurious day. We had brunch at Antoniette Mandarin Gallery and a very good time gossiping.

One of the perks of being a middle aged woman is that we have the ability to slurge on something we like. We did our nails, went shopping around town - very wrong move to do that when you're in the midst of GSS. C lured me to onPedder and said they had sales. Bought a Stella Mccartney faux python clutch at a steal!

We were all out to be a full fledged tai tai for a day - except the difference was we were using our own money. *hur hur hur* (Mental note: Must not jio C out for shopping on a weekday again. Very dangerous)

The following day, I went back to Mandarin Gallery to try Wild Honey. Imagine it had a queue on a Mon 2pm!!! People no need to work one huh!
And mini celebrations with the peeps in my life. This has got to be most interesting cake. It was so life-like, I thought it was REAL xiao long baos and a candle! Very creative idea Bon.
The back to back buffet happened on my actual birthday. Met up with the sis for asian buffet at Hotel Rendezvous where they served a myraid of durian bites. I half suspect Liv picked the place for the godson instead. :P And then come evening, the hub planned a surprise get-together with my family members at Scotts buffet. How to eat 2 buffets in a day!!! 怎么可能!
Sharing some photos I took using instagram. :)

 Thank you everyone for your love, your gifts, your well wishes on my birthday. Every single gesture is deeply remembered. And I wish everyone good health and a smooth-sailing life!
Wallet courtesy from the hub. Thanks Dear! :D