Saturday, November 24, 2012

That time of the year

Jayden's 5th Birthday

For the past 4 years, I will block my office calender and make time for the kid, on this day - rain or shine.

This year proved to challenge my limits as I was told to go on a work trip 16 - 19 Oct. 为何啊?!

Anyhow, the kid will still get his celebration, his goodie bags for his friends, his cake, his presents. And he was pleased to receive them earlier too!

Jayden was excited and helped out to pack the goodie bags. He even made suggestions who he thinks will like what. It is very endearing to witness the child being such an observer with his friends.

What's in the bag - pencil case + color pencils + snacks
Jake and the Neverland pirates cupcakes
The Son very blessed with presents from everyone. Thank you all!

Happy 5th Birthday my dearest boy!
You have grown to be such a vocal and sensitive child. Teachers in school mentioned that you enjoy interaction and plays a big brother role to your pre-nursery sleeping buddy. Something we don't get to witness at home!

You always show a keen interest in school performances and we truely enjoy watching how you shine on stage. You love the sand, sun and sea - that's why we put you in swimming classes, hoping that this skill will bring you further.

Your inquisitive mind never stops you from asking, sometime incessantly but curiousity for a young mind is good! Never stop learning my child!

We're so proud to have you as our son and hope you continue to nurture to be a fine young man. Stay healthy and happy always!
XOXO Mom + Dad

Big Uncle's wedding on 20-Oct

At the age of 5, Jayden had to wear many hats for his 1st Uncle wedding. Imagine being the page boy cum 'bed jumper' cum ring bearer all in a day! And the kid did not once whine or suffered a meltdown.

I am truely proud that he performed all the tasks dutifully and delivered the ring pillow with no glitch!

Of course, the day is also important to me as my younger brother upgraded himself to a married man and we welcome another family member. Coincidentally, the wife shares the same surname as Dylan. We sniggered at the thought that the Tans and Yips are fated together. Here's wishing Mel and Von everlasting marital bliss!