Sunday, July 29, 2012

Eat, play, shop

Yes, this was basically what we mainly did on our recent trip. Ever since I visited Hong Kong last summer, it has become a yearly ritual to come to this shopping haven and sweep everything off their sales. Of course this time, there was a little tweak in the itinerary.

The son came along. After having combed 4 Club Meds for the past consecutive years, we decided we should break away from the beach vacation and introduce the boy the other side of the world. Also to see if he can sit through longer flights - Bless the inflight entertainment and iPad!!

Off to HONG KONG!!!

And so we arrived at our hotel - Regal Hong Kong at Causeway Bay. For once, we acted like responsible tourists and even bought an Octopus card for Jayden.
Since we arrived in the early afternoon, we decided to visit the Peak on a weekday to avoid the crazy crowd we encountered a year ago.
The Peak

Guess who took this photo for us? :)


We monkeyed around, took photos at breath-taking Hong Kong. Had our dinner at the infamous Bubba Gump (no photos as I edited it and it didn't save somehow) before hitting the sack. We had to perserve energy for the big tour the following day.

Day 2 - Hong Kong Disneyland

It drizzled in the morning and we were lamenting if we should still head to Disneyland. We wanted to avoid the weekend crowd. But it appears, everyday looked like a holiday at Disneyland.
Filling our stomachs with yummylicious dim sum before the long walk.
I ordered every single item that was recommended. People usually go to the one at Mongkok where you usually queue like crazy for an hour before you get a seat. Having an impatient kid with us, we decided to pay a slight premium for our comfort level and went to their IFC branch instead. Turned out not a bad decision, no queue, food was just as good. :)

Our photographer for the day aka the Son asked us to say "Cheese", hug each other and smile. :)

As usual, the hub and the son had no impatience to wait for the Finale, much to my disappointment. And so we went to the City of Lights. 

Day 3 & 4 - Shopping Time!

The next 2 days were saved solely for venturing good food and appease my shopping hunger. I can see that the kiddo is not complaining either as he sets on a quest to hunt for his Cars Disney collection at EVERY Toys R Us outlet. We combed almost all of them and he never left one empty handed. *hears wallet crying*

When one comes to Hong Kong, one must eat breakfast the Hong Kong style way. :)

As you can see, we left the country satisfied with beautiful memories created, another inch to the waistline and an empty wallet. We almost had no HKD to have lunch at the airport! Hur hur.