Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reunion dinners used to have a special meaning for me. It bears the definition of bonding, family get togethers and savouring delectable food for 15 hard days. It is also miracle that I can still fit in my pants.

Having to rush through 2 reunions in a night for the past 4 years have begun to wear me out. I have no idea why either side refused or even compromise to hold it on seperate days. The chore of having to gobble down food in 30 mins and then drive at lightning speed to the next destination, only to suffer another round of naggings is simply a killjoy.

Anyhow, despite being so resentful and whiney, I know I should still be thankful that my loved ones are happy and healthy. Enough of complaints, here are the photos.

I didn't win any $$$ during gamble sessions but I hope that doesn't translates to my fortune going down the drain this year. (Mental note: Cannot spend too much. Haha)

Friday, February 11, 2011


Finally found a blog app that is able to upload photos without a charge.

On other news, Chinese New Year came and gone. Jayden has been in daycare for two months now. Everyday he tells me he hates school but always come back with a smiley face. I'm not sure which is the truth.

We're off to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh next week to celebrate hub's birthday - My gift to him including myself. Haha.

Meanwhile, Happy Rabbit Year to all! Huat ah!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Ushering another new year

I didn't mean to have this late post. But I was waiting for *ahem* some overdued photos which is still overdued because someone is busy sipping red wine on the other side of the globe. *looks at C's direction sternly*

Anyhow, despite our ever-increasing hectic schedule, that never stopped us from having our ritual New Year dinner.

This year, C picked a quaint gem spot somewhere on the west. The ambience was good, food came in decent portions, topped up with a nice bottle of wine - simply divine. It is little moments like these that makes me appreciate my life is pampered. :) Thanks for the great food & company!

Our 5th New Year Celebration

I was trying to dig out last year new year dinner posts and I came across my 2010 resolutions.

  1. 1 long holiday, probably USA or Japan & 1 short holiday, hopefully to bring Jayden along to Hong Kong [Went to Club Med Bali with my parents and had many other short trips]

  2. Be more patient to Jayden [Still trying to attain zen]

  3. Celebrating my 30th birthday overseas with my gfs [Celebrated at Festive hotel instead]

  4. Going diving again [Unfortunately, I'm not sure when this will ever happen :( ]

  5. Getting my dream bag - Chanel 2.55 Classic Jumbo (when can I own you!) [Hopefully in my upcoming trip!!! Got a Balenciaga to make up for the 'loss']

  6. Staying healthy - swimming and hitting the gym every week [This has dwindled to once a month affair]

  7. Going health screenings yearly - have to plan one for Dylan soon [Did mine, not so good. Still trying to psycho the man to do it]

  8. Start saving to plan for house shifting in 2 years time [Savings will start after Europe trip]

  9. Stay on my current job at least for > 2 years (I job hop every 2 years) [I don't know if I should be proud of this but I have achieved it]

  10. Further studies to enhance my portfolio and of course better pay to fulfil Pt 8 [Not happening yet]

I decided not to have any resolutions for 2011 although there will be some points above that will be on repetitive mode - Health, savings and family. My motto is simple - Keep moving forward and enjoy life to the fullest.

So with that, I leave some photos of the past. I think we haven't aged much! :p

2009 @ Conrad

2008 @ Kushinbo & Flyer

2007 @ Hanabi

2006 - @ The Line with no kids!

Cheers to another great year!!! Now where should we go?