Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reunion dinners used to have a special meaning for me. It bears the definition of bonding, family get togethers and savouring delectable food for 15 hard days. It is also miracle that I can still fit in my pants.

Having to rush through 2 reunions in a night for the past 4 years have begun to wear me out. I have no idea why either side refused or even compromise to hold it on seperate days. The chore of having to gobble down food in 30 mins and then drive at lightning speed to the next destination, only to suffer another round of naggings is simply a killjoy.

Anyhow, despite being so resentful and whiney, I know I should still be thankful that my loved ones are happy and healthy. Enough of complaints, here are the photos.

I didn't win any $$$ during gamble sessions but I hope that doesn't translates to my fortune going down the drain this year. (Mental note: Cannot spend too much. Haha)