Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 4: Europe - Italy - Milan

To immerse ourselves in the European lifestyle, we decided to try their cappucino during our stopover to Milan. Surprisingly, it tasted nothing like our bitter kopi-O. It was aromatic, smooth and perfect in a cold weather.

So this is very much Milan - one huge open space and a few buildings. After visiting some of the brilliant architectures in Italy, Milan didn't take our breath away. Or perhaps we were already itching to open our wallets to spend spend spend! that we couldn't even bother to appreciate another cathedral.

Not even the street performer impressed us... ...

Designer brands were limited... ... I wandered around and bought 2 jackets from H&M before convincing ourselves we should at least pay a visit to their gothic cathedral.

I didn't manage to find the A&F boutique that housed only male assistants who looked like models from a magazine cover that C was telling me about. That was my regret.

People giving their prayers by lighting a candle... ...

After 4 days of Italy and churches, I am relieved that we'll be exploring another country.


hiPPo said...

awww.. so shiok! great u enjoyed urself! i wish i m there.. heehee.. =D

Emily said...

hehe... thanks. I'm so looking forward to the next holiday! :p