Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 2: Europe - Italy - Pisa - Florence

Next morning, we headed off to Pisa. What else to visit than the all famous Leaning Tower? It was said that during the construction, it was built on soft ground, hence the weight caused the structuer to be slightly tilted. But that didn't stop the Tuscanians from completing the structure.

If you noticed, the 3rd level onwards have been adjusted to balance back the structure. Truth be told, it was said that it was a Chinese who thought of a solution to prevent the tower from falling when it should have a couple of years ago.

Some of our cheesy attemps to look like we're trying to support the falling tower.

The air felt so cool even under the basking sun. Superb sights, superb weather and of course great photos all thanks to the DSLR, everything looked like it was out from a postcard.

Had magarita pizza for lunch before heading off to Florence - a city declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO and home for many of the famous artists.

Italy is famous for their hand-crafted masks. Every piece is delicately painted, including the hefty price tag.

No chance to open wallet yet so let's take a photo.

Fantastic view of the Arno river at sunset

We concluded that Tuscany cuisine was not to our taste bud despite the all acclaimed Florentine steak that the tour guide was raving about. We were more looking forward to Venice - the water city.


PRIMA said...

love the cheesy poses!! hehe

Emily said...

ya very cheesy. everyone was 'fighting' to get a camera view. haha.