Thursday, March 3, 2011

February is always busy

Ever since I got to know the man, February was never a quiet month anymore.

Every 7th day of the week in that month, would mark a special meaning to us. 7th Feb - Our ROM Anniversary, 14th Feb - Valentine's Day, 20th Feb - Dylan's Birthday. Very convenient for me to combine all occasions to one gift too. :p

Knowing that Dylan needed a new pair of shades, selecting a gift for him was a breeze. Until it came to my turn, the golden question "So what do you want?" - in case he got me a box of horror gifts that would highly end up in the darkest corner of the house.

It took a while to pick the shade in the design and colour that Dylan wanted. I'm glad he went for my suggestion. Then a voice echoed "Why don't I get pair also?". I think the SA managed to pick up the vibe and conveniently suggested "We have this nice pair of shade in the same color lens as your hub." and proceeded to lay it on my hands. The rest is history... ...

Oakleys in the same color lens for our anniversary cum valentine's gift - how appropriate to the theme! :D

On other news, we also had mini celebration sessions on both side of friends. Lots of good food, fun and laughter. Can you see why I don't bother to make a "Eat less" resolution for this year?

Happy 33rd Birthday to my old man!

Next up, your birthday treat from me to Ho Chi Minh! :D