Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grainy no more

I contemplated for the longest time to get a DSLR for many obvious reasons - too expensive, too high maintenance and the sure killer was too bulky.

"You must get a DSLR for your Europe trip", came a voice ringing in my head. I thought my trusty Panasonic LX-3 semi-pro camera would do the trick until I saw C's photos. The scenaries were breath-taking.

It didn't help much that there was an IT fair that had to come just a couple of weeks before my trip. "Is it a sign?" I asked myself. I applaud myself when I tried to push that idea out of my head and convinced myself that I didn't need this baby. That was until I test-run on Dewi's new toy - the EOS 600D. That is it.

Like they say, let the pictures do the talking. Of course, with my star model.

Now even with a bad photographer, with a bad angle, the quality looks good!

Jayden with his score chart.

The context behind is that the boy has to do something independantly, like brushing his own teeth, wearing his own clothes, keeping his toys and he'll be rewarded by 1 sticker. Collect 10 and he gets his favourite toy.

Jayden is pretty proud of his score chart and beams at the fact that he's just 2 sticker short of getting his prize. Keep it up son!


PRIMA said...


let's give ourselves some pats on the back for getting our DSLR!! hehe

Emily said...

haha. no more excuse for not blogging!