Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The 3rd year

Everytime of this year, I would be like a frantic mother going through my mental list to ensure that the son has the most enjoyable time on his birthday.

After holding mega celebrations for 2 consecutive years, I told Dylan that we should keep things simple for fear that I cannot live up to Jayden's expectations of a smashing celebration as he grows older. Well, to use the word simple, is always an understatement.

10-10-2010: Celebrating with his friends

16-10-2010: Celebration with Godma @ T3

11am: Met up with Liv for furniture selection. After much contemplation, we decided to get the Fire Truck bed for Jayden, courtesy from his godma. We had a hard time trying to reason with him that green color just don't suit his room style.

1230pm: Lunch @ Sakae Pasta. I made a horrible choice of braised meat sandwich. Imagine they used normal sunshine bread! Thereafter, we proceeded for ice-cream. Jayden picked his own mini volcano and happily gobbled down 3 scoops!

17-10-2010: Dim Sum Lunch @ Ritz Carlton

Met up with my maternal family for lunch. My dad initially wanted to order an ice-cream cake but I flatly rejected as we had to head out later. And so, my mom picked a cake from The Patissier. Chocolate cake with marshmellows - what a great choice!

19-10-2010: Actual day celebration @ School

I am only thankful we had a car to load all the stuff and drive straight to school. One big bag of goody bags, the cake, his clothes for outing after school. I cannot imagine lugging it around and hailing a taxi underneath the scorching heat.

The celebration was pretty simple. The teachers gathered the kids to the table, made them sing a song for the birthday boy and viola, all done.

Jayden was exceptionally a good host that day, cutting cake and ensuring everyone had a piece of it.


Jayden couldn't wait till the actual day and requested to open all his presents. I am impressed that my friends took notice of the things Jayden likes and got him things he had mentioned to them before.

It certainly beats being a kid these days. J's roomful of toys has proliferated at such an alarming rate that has gone beyond storage control.

Well, what can I say. As long the son is happy, I am happy.

Happy 3rd Birthday son! We're glad you've enjoyed your birthday. Please continue to stay healthy and happy. Mummy and Daddy love you always.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I need more space

I think everyone would agree that heels are like the 2nd most important accessory other than holding the latest IT bag over your wrist. A nice looking pair of heels accentuates the contours of your legs, a decent 4 incher provides an instant boost to your ego and of course, different colours denote for different occasions. Something the hub can never understand.

When I was younger and just started in the career world, I used to only own ONE pair of heels. Yes you got that right. The classic dodgy thin strappy with your toe sticking out black heels. I was a complete case of Ugly Betty.

Anyway, fast forward 10 years later, I bought my own house. Designed my own shoe rack the way it has to be to fit the design of the house.

Wrong move.

I shall make sure that my next house, the shoe rack has to be designed to fit my shoe collections, not the other way round! I now have shoes stuffed in my clothes wardrobe as the rack had ran out of space! *gulp* And the clothes wardrobe is another space issue! *double gulp*

As if it's not bad enough that I'm a poor space planner, I have also successfully instilled my love for shoes onto my son. I dug out Jayden's shoes for house-keeping one day and almost had a shock of my life!

15 pairs.

How did it even get to there?

Taken at 26 months so collection has since increased

Buying shoes for the son suddenly become a collector's hobby. Whenever I go on business trips or holidays, I would try to scout for shoes that are different from the ones we get locally.

Perhaps I should really tell myself to stop buying stuff like these for the boy. I don't even know if he would wear them eventually. And yes, we don't even want to go into clothes now..... ....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lazy Sunday affairs

Every time I re-visited brunch, my love for eggs are rekindled. Forget about sunny side up, half-boiled or scrambled. Eggs benedict brings you to another level. Top it up with smoked salmon and you're swooned over.

Ever since C decided to keep Ziv away from the boring Shicida classes, we have more opportunity to explore places around that serves a good pack of brunch. Some are even worth the return visits. One of them would be Riders Cafe.

We love the simple concept of having horses around to entertain the kids. And although they have recently changed their menu, their warm toast and scones still saved the day.

Enjoying himself @ Paragon after a heavy meal


This year, we decided to dish away holding a mega celebration for J. There will only be seperate sessions with our family and closer friends who saw J growing up.

One of them would naturally be his 3 month older kor kor Ziv. So what better way to celebrate than to have it over a brunch session.

This time, venue was at Tanglin Tree. It had a mini playground and a sand pit. What perfect way to keep the kids busy while we sip on our latte serenading the cool breeze and pristine blue sky.

Thanks to C and family for getting the strawberry cheesecake. The adults were so stuff with brunch that we only had a few mouthfuls of the cake. The kids however, always have stomach to finish up a piece of yummy cake.

First celebration down and perhaps a few more mini sessions to go! In less than 2.5 weeks, my kid is turning 3 and hopefully TT (Terrible Twos) would also be gone by then?!?