Monday, November 23, 2009


It used to be that four letter word that sends my heart pulsating rapidly. Getting the feet all burnt and sore was part and parcel of getting the good deals and discounts.

But when project B (for baby) came along, the shopping rendezvous slowed down and eventually stopped. Bringing a kid in tow just didn't seemed comfortably feasible any more.

Lately, I started to develop an addiction. The adrenalin was far more exciting than having to travel down town in search of something I may not eventually find.

The sheer exhilaration of pounding the keyboard, clicking the mouse and anticipating the arrival of your purchases a few weeks later in a neatly wrapped parcel was gratifying. Whoever said we need to get out of the house to do shopping?

From clothes, to accessories, toys, kids stuff, and even shoes. All you need is a very healthy mouse and keyboard that won't die on you when it runs out of battery. And when meagre item shopping doesn't satisfy, it's good to have contacts who travel overseas.

Introducing my latest hedonistic purchase... ...

Ahhh... ...whoever said early Xmas shopping hurts?

When it all comes to an end

After reading Celeste's critic on 2012, Dylan and I decided to catch the movie over the weekend. (Not that there were alot of movie selections to choose from these days.)

I thought it would have been another Armageddon or Independance Day action flick that would have had us applauding on the visual effects. However, 2012 struck me with a different tone.

Perhaps it was age that has caught up, perhaps it was motherhood that has enhanced my emotions. I had alot of revelations when the scene of people dying, people losing their loved ones kept playing in front of me.

What will I do if I knew the end is near? Most probably nothing. Because I'm not rich enough to be kept alive. But I know I will risk my life to make sure Jayden lives.

Before I was a mother, my priorities were just circled around myself. Having being taught to be independant at a very young age, I learnt the hard way that if I needed to get myself something, I would have to earn my way thru part-timing. Because of that, I worked hard to buy the luxurious items (be it a toy, a new dress or a nice pair of shoes) I knew my parents will not pay a cent for. I must admit that I grew up to be quite a selfish person and took money issues very seriously.

That was until motherhood changed me.

It has taught me that love is non-material, is unconditional and boundless. I still find children's cries annoying. But surprisingly, your own child's cries sound like a knife piercing through your heart. Your tolerance level magnifies a hundred times more. Their smiles warms your heart instantly. And most importantly of all, you never stop worrying for them, to make sure they always gets the best.

2012 - indeed a awe-inspiring movie. Kudos to the producers!

Another Jayden and Ziv moment

What do you do when the 2 men in the house needs to be at work on a Saturday?

We made our own plans and had lots of fun!

So Celeste invited us to her place to swim. The weather was good. The place had a nice shelter so we didn't need sunblock. However, the water was COLD, very cold. And for someone like me who cannot tolerate coldness, it must have been mother instincts that made me determined to jump into the pool with Jayden.

Mummies, we're all ready to get wet!

Ok, we jump in together!

With the help of Celeste's float and self-timer, this photo was made possible.

And how did we manage to keep the boys occupied while the 2 mummies showered in peace???

Dancing to Hi-5

All the jumping and dancing must have zapped up his energy. Jayden had a long nap when we got home.

Thanks for inviting us over and the sumptuous lunch! :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paradise Trip

So having too many annual leaves usually resorted oneself into going on a holiday, instead of withering the precious days away in your own boring land.

And when you have a toddler in tow, your choices are pretty much limited. This is also to avoid having a very impatient bawling kid on board the plane for the next 6-7 hours.

A one week vacation to Club Med Bintan was something we reckoned to be ideal for a family trip cum birthday retreat for the two year old son.

Whoever invented the portable DVD player was a genius! It kept Jayden occupied the entire ferry ride. Jayden was so pre-occupied watching his favourite shows, he didn't even bothered what the gal was offering him - Gerber bites, something which he has stopped eating ever since he found Kokocrunch.

** After 2 hours of travelling on ferry & coach... **

Jayden can't wait to get into the pool

The one thing that we liked about Club Med was the endless flow of food and drinks - AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. Jayden helped himself to lots of milkshakes, ice cream and cakes, very much to his delight. As it was meant to be his birthday retreat, we didn't restrict his food intake and allowed the happy boy to indulge. By the end of the trip, we suspected that the son had put on weight.

Of course, other than eating & sleeping, sleeping & eating, there were alot of sun activities as well. We swam, built sandcastles at the beach (literally) and got ourselves very very sunburnt! *ouch*

And when the little one took his afternoon nap, we each took turns to participate in the club's in-house activities. I went snorkelling and wind-surfing while the unadventurous husband went to the gym.

It was a fantastic trip for the trios - alot of family bonding and getting fat together. Jayden exceptionally loved the fact that he could sleep with us on the king size bed. He usually sleeps in his cot at home.

Where should we go next year?