Monday, August 31, 2009

Look Ma, no hands!

Today marks the 1st day Dylan is away for his 2 weeks of reservist. The last time, he was away for 3 weeks. It was a challenge to ferry Jayden to-and-fro our place and in-laws single-handedly, given that our 1 yr old couldn't understand the meaning of "WAIT" in his car seat.

Now, coming to 23 months, the boy has understood that while Mummy is driving, he has to be strapped in the car seat for safety reason. Except that, our cheeky boy also understood how to traumatise his mother while on the road; by removing his shoulder belts and telling her matter-of-fact with a grin.

I am glad I have managed to remain sane in times like these.

The zoo trip

The last time we went to the zoo, we practically under-estimated the timing, thinking we could cover the itinerary in 2 hours.

So after months of queueing for the unbelievable hot-favourite company family zoo pass, it was finally our turn. The slight drizzle in the morning couldn't stop us either. We were DETERMINED to complete our trip. Of course, not without dragging our victims along - Celeste & family.

It started to rain after the polor feeding show, forcing us to take shelter.

The photos of the boys are simply adorable - if only I had the flash turned on!! :( Ziv warmed up to Jayden almost instantly. Jayden was more interested in Ziv's Barney bag.

The wet weather was starting to dampen our morning mood. So Celeste suggested we take the tram ride to look around. It was not a bad choice indeed as the boys still got to watch some of the animals in between stops.

The rain stopped just in time for the Elephant show. So we hopped back into action!

Obviously, Ziv loves the camera and Jayden just want to watch the show

I am glad we made the trip this time. Previously, Jayden could hardly appreciate the animals or feeding shows as he couldn't relate to them. But now, he can tell me the elephant is peeing when he sees one!

The elephant that drank too much

By lunchtime, we could see the boys were pretty worn out. Jayden usually have his afternoon nap after lunch, but we didn't want them to miss the finale - The water-themed park.

So, I bought TT (Thomas the train) balloons for the boys and it perked them up instantly!

Jayden & Ziv with their TT balloons

After 3 animal shows and lots of tram rides, we were finally heading to the long-awaited water-themed park. I nearly muttered some vulgarities when the sky started to turn dark again. How could it start to rain at our last stop?!?

We hurried ourselves to the park and before I could changed Jayden into his wetsuit, Ziv was already splashing happily without giving a hoot on his bloated diaper. *hehehe* water takes away the heat

Jayden wasn't the least impressed with the water park and kept requesting to "Go back home". That was the 1st time our boy was making a decision for himself! We wondered if it was the thermal suit or we forgot to bring his water pail along.

Overall, it was a great excursion trip with the boys. By the end of it, Jayden was holding hands with Ziv, playing catching and literally shouting "Ziv kor kor" to play along. Ahh...I know I know, he needs a playmate. Maybe I should ask Celeste & family out more often. ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Counting down to paradise

Tickets - Booked.
Annual leave - Applied.
Approval from the son - Checked.

Because he's coming with us this time.

It will be a family getaway cum birthday retreat for the 2 yr old boy. Yes, we will be going away on his birthday. Frolicking at the private beach, indulging in the gastronimic goumet delights and spending some quality family time.

Ahhh...Club we come!

But that's still 59 days away!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Before the 30s

Every year, I will tell the people around me that I didn't want any big celebrations or parties. But after spending the last 28 years of birthdays, I need to tell myself that I have been lying all this while.

The people who cared about me nonetheless went through great lengths to make my birthday memorable each year. It is indeed heartwarming to be remembered.

One can tell for sure that I have a very sweet (and decayed) tooth for cakes, especially chocolate ones. I used to tell a good friend of mine that "Chocolates are my vitamins". And yes, I took them daily until metabolism went against me.

This year, I received presents without any related theme. My friends told me that they have ran out of ideas but I can tell from each and every one of the gifts were painstakingly thought of. One even had post-it notes to explain the 'purpose' of each gift!

Perhaps I shall spare them the agony next year and come up with my own "Wish List". Chanel sounds really good you know? *grin*

The celebration begins...

My birthday treat @ Al Dente

From left front: Bryan, his wife Rene
From right middle: Bon, her partner Travis
From left back: Adrian, his partner Carrie

First family photo blowing out the candles

Adrian selected the place because we had a chance to have a glimpse of the NDP preview. All went well until the sudden downpour.

It is remarkably amazing how the group ended up aquainted today.

Adrian - He was my ex-polymate in another faculty. Ironically, I never kept in contact with any of my polymates from the SAME faculty.

Bryan - He was my ex-colleague in Fujitsu and now my neighbour in Sengkang. Again ironically, Bryan was from a different department.

Bon - She was my secondary schoolmate. Special mention about her at the later part.

Celebration part 2...

Dinner at Pan Pacific 10 @ Claymore

Dylan surprised me yet again this year with cupcakes from Da Paolo Gastronomia sent to my office. The presentation of the cupcakes were surprisingly disappointing, although they still tasted better than The Patissier. Then it was dinner at Pan Pacific Claymore.

Trying to take an 'artistic' shot

The food spread was nothing to rave about. We were done by the 2nd serving.

Not wanting to miss the night without Jayden, we picked him up from in-laws place and headed home. I thought the day had ended real early and was starting to grumble about not having a "Happy Birthday" song from Daddy and son.

Until Celeste and family popped a surprise visit with a cake! How sweet!

Jayden having 2nd serving of the yummy cake

Celebration Part 3...

Irene and Oliva arranged for a lunch treat at the Carousel. I was very looking forward to a nice buffet after the disheartening visit at Claymore.

I went for the lunch buffet with a light heart thinking it was purely a lunch get-to-gether. Except that they already had something on their agenda.

Before we settled the bill, the entire crew at The Carousel started marching towards me, singing "Happy Birthday" in "You're just too good to be true" tune!

Look at how 'traumatised' I am...

The 2 Irenes & Liv

So you see, whoever said they wanted only simple celebrations must be lying. Of course, this would never have been possible without the people that cared. Thank you for letting me be a part of your memory.


Jayden, please remember Mummy's very special friends: -

Auntie Bon - She is Mummy's seconday cum poly school mate cum part time colleague. So if you count in numbers, we have been friends for the past 14 years. Back in school, Mummy was the quiet, boring wallflower. Before Mummy even had any boyfriends, Auntie Bon already had 10. (just kidding!) We had the most wonderful and fun times. If we were to recall our encounters, we could write a book! Of course, Mummy and Auntie Bon had our arguements but that only made the bond closer. She is also your Cookie Monster rival.

Auntie Celeste - She is one person that I believe Fate exists. We were only colleagues for 3 months and lost contact thereafter. One fine day, Auntie Celeste dropped me an email, and the rest is history. We then become course mates, gym mates and even attended pre-natal classes together. The similiar experiences we've encountered together is simply remarkable. I am thankful we didn't encounter the same birth experience though. *hehehe* Come to think of it now, you and Ziv are only 3 months apart. Coincidence again?

Auntie Olivia - I cannot remember when we decided to be sworn sisters because everything happened naturally. And naturally, she is also your Godmother. If you ever need to know what silly things Mummy did when she was a kid, you know who to ask. Our friendship goes back beyond the years even before Mummy reached puberty. So if you ever need education fees, you know who to look for! *heheheh*

Auntie Irene - She is my ex poly mate and colleague. Ironically, she was my friend's friend and we bumped into each other frequently back in school. Althought we don't talk too much often, she never fails to be present on my birthday. She is also our neighbour and shares the same birth-date as Auntie Bon.

These people brought alot of happiness into my life. These people are also the ones who knew and went through the ups and downs with me.

I can only say, I am truely blessed.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cold turkey

He demonstrates in the most dramatic ways whenever it's out of his sight - calling his rescue team aka ah ma and ah gong, climbing up onto the table rummaging my bag, pleading to us in a quivering tone as if like an addict.

Jayden used to only need the pacifier for bed time until recently he has been harrassing us every single minute. Teething problems or just pure habit?

Whatever it is, I'm sick of attending to a bawling kid whenever he's told that Mummy has forgotton to bring his favourite 'chewing gum' out. There are so many things to prepare - diaper bag, food, clothes, mummy's stuff. And the pacifier just don't happen to be in mummy's poor memory.

Today is the 4th day Jayden is on cold turkey. I really hope he is totally weaned off. Thereafter, it's the darn hankie.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The woes of a mother

If there's any quicker way to teach your child to speak, it will be to introduce them their favourite food.

Jayden can speak in an almost immaculate enunciation - Fish, Pork, Rice, Soup, Noodle, Bread, Biscuit, Pancake, Ice-cream, Milo, Cake, Waffle and the latest on the list - French fries. Except when extremely hungry, the words doubled - cake cake!

He can detect the dangerous yellow sign from a distance I had to squint my eyes. He chomps the oil-laded high carbohydrate potato faster than I can shove a spoon of congee into his mouth. It doesn't help when you get flyers stuffed in your mailbox only to be discovered by the curious boy. I am almost certain his next word will be - Happy Meal.

Thank goodness the energetic kid sweats buckets to make up for the high calorie food.

I get migraines thinking of the son sweating in the TAF club in future.