Friday, August 7, 2009

The woes of a mother

If there's any quicker way to teach your child to speak, it will be to introduce them their favourite food.

Jayden can speak in an almost immaculate enunciation - Fish, Pork, Rice, Soup, Noodle, Bread, Biscuit, Pancake, Ice-cream, Milo, Cake, Waffle and the latest on the list - French fries. Except when extremely hungry, the words doubled - cake cake!

He can detect the dangerous yellow sign from a distance I had to squint my eyes. He chomps the oil-laded high carbohydrate potato faster than I can shove a spoon of congee into his mouth. It doesn't help when you get flyers stuffed in your mailbox only to be discovered by the curious boy. I am almost certain his next word will be - Happy Meal.

Thank goodness the energetic kid sweats buckets to make up for the high calorie food.

I get migraines thinking of the son sweating in the TAF club in future.