Monday, August 10, 2009

Cold turkey

He demonstrates in the most dramatic ways whenever it's out of his sight - calling his rescue team aka ah ma and ah gong, climbing up onto the table rummaging my bag, pleading to us in a quivering tone as if like an addict.

Jayden used to only need the pacifier for bed time until recently he has been harrassing us every single minute. Teething problems or just pure habit?

Whatever it is, I'm sick of attending to a bawling kid whenever he's told that Mummy has forgotton to bring his favourite 'chewing gum' out. There are so many things to prepare - diaper bag, food, clothes, mummy's stuff. And the pacifier just don't happen to be in mummy's poor memory.

Today is the 4th day Jayden is on cold turkey. I really hope he is totally weaned off. Thereafter, it's the darn hankie.