Monday, August 31, 2009

The zoo trip

The last time we went to the zoo, we practically under-estimated the timing, thinking we could cover the itinerary in 2 hours.

So after months of queueing for the unbelievable hot-favourite company family zoo pass, it was finally our turn. The slight drizzle in the morning couldn't stop us either. We were DETERMINED to complete our trip. Of course, not without dragging our victims along - Celeste & family.

It started to rain after the polor feeding show, forcing us to take shelter.

The photos of the boys are simply adorable - if only I had the flash turned on!! :( Ziv warmed up to Jayden almost instantly. Jayden was more interested in Ziv's Barney bag.

The wet weather was starting to dampen our morning mood. So Celeste suggested we take the tram ride to look around. It was not a bad choice indeed as the boys still got to watch some of the animals in between stops.

The rain stopped just in time for the Elephant show. So we hopped back into action!

Obviously, Ziv loves the camera and Jayden just want to watch the show

I am glad we made the trip this time. Previously, Jayden could hardly appreciate the animals or feeding shows as he couldn't relate to them. But now, he can tell me the elephant is peeing when he sees one!

The elephant that drank too much

By lunchtime, we could see the boys were pretty worn out. Jayden usually have his afternoon nap after lunch, but we didn't want them to miss the finale - The water-themed park.

So, I bought TT (Thomas the train) balloons for the boys and it perked them up instantly!

Jayden & Ziv with their TT balloons

After 3 animal shows and lots of tram rides, we were finally heading to the long-awaited water-themed park. I nearly muttered some vulgarities when the sky started to turn dark again. How could it start to rain at our last stop?!?

We hurried ourselves to the park and before I could changed Jayden into his wetsuit, Ziv was already splashing happily without giving a hoot on his bloated diaper. *hehehe* water takes away the heat

Jayden wasn't the least impressed with the water park and kept requesting to "Go back home". That was the 1st time our boy was making a decision for himself! We wondered if it was the thermal suit or we forgot to bring his water pail along.

Overall, it was a great excursion trip with the boys. By the end of it, Jayden was holding hands with Ziv, playing catching and literally shouting "Ziv kor kor" to play along. Ahh...I know I know, he needs a playmate. Maybe I should ask Celeste & family out more often. ;)