Sunday, May 17, 2009

He will not be sleeping with us...

... ... but at his grandma's place as Dylan and I will be away for 7 days.

  • Clothes, diapers - Checked
  • His favourite pillow - Checked
  • His favourite snacks - Checked
  • New toys - Checked

The last time we left him in Singapore alone was 12 months ago. A year has passed. And for the first time, I am actually experiencing seperation anxiety at its peak. I kept running through my checklist to make sure I did not miss out anything to bring to his gramp's place. Anything to make him feel at home, to distract him that Mommy and Daddy will not be around for the next week.

I am relieved that Jayden has recovered from his chicken pox before we leave for Japan. One thing less to worry about when we're not around. This weekend, we brought him to places to play, let him feast on his favourite food & snacks. And surprisingly, Jayden has been very obedient and always happily dancing to a song. That made us felt worst as we know he'll surely be missed terribly. :(

Very happy with his muffin

Very happy with his new toy

Very happy playing in a ball pit

Jayden, please remain this happy when Mommy and Daddy is away. We'll promise to buy lots of toys and yummy snacks back for you. Please be assured that you'll certainly be missed every single day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I want everyday to be Mother's Day...

Sorry for the mushy post.

Allow me to bask in this moment of bliss.

Just when I thought this year's Mother's Day would be half as miserable as last year, it only took a simple gesture to make all things perfect.

I know the flowers were bought by Daddy. But the thought of Jayden presenting the bouquet to me was enough. :) Ahhhh...let me get lost in my imagination... ...

Flowers - $30

Awfully Chocolate cake - $20

Awfully Chocolate ice cream - $15

Dinner with just the 3 of us - SPLENDIDLY PRICELESS

Thanks Hubby for all the arrangements! Although a Chanel would have upped the scale of PRICELESS! :P Oh... I'm just kidding...

He can't take spicy

Just a while ago, Jayden was hawking at my fried bee hoon laden with curry sauce. I told him it was too spicy for his liking but the little tike just wouldn't believe his mom.

And so, I scooped a small portion, trying my best to avoid the curry sauce. Jayden was eating delightfully until he started pulling the strands of noodles out from his mouth and screamed "辣辣 !!! Juice juice!!"

Instead of tossing him a bottle of water, I was actually rolling on the floor laughing. I know I'm terrible.

Days with the pox

Yes, it's me the mischief in the house. Life has been good so far despite being barred from going out of the house. As you can see from the photo, I have recently inherited my mom's Itouch. It no longer contained her favourite movies, music and photos. In it, were MY favourite shows - Barney and Thomas the Train.

I am also on the road to recovery. The pox have dried up although I was not disciplined enough not to scratch them. Mummy hopes there weren't be any scars left behind but as you can see, I don't really care.

To top up my miserable state, I tripped and fell smack on my face while trying to dribble a ball. Obviously, I did not get any sympathy as Mummy said I was too ambitious when I don't even know how to kick a ball. I am only glad I wasn't grounded and still get to eat my meals.

This week has been a pain when I was told I can't go anywhere until the spots have cleared. That didn't stop me from scratching myself in hope that the spots go away. Of course, it only made it worse and me, more miserable. It didn't make me feel any better when I had no visitors. I was told that Auntie Bon and Uncle Kev is afraid of getting near me.

Daddy and Mummy has promised to bring me for some water play and fun at the ball pit once I'm well. I CAN'T WAIT! Till then, I'm still the mischief in the house!

Happy Mother's Day to all Mummies on this planet!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Home for the long weekend

Hi, this is Jayden - the resident blogger. I have taken over the keyboard today as I'm stuck at home for the long weekend. Yep, I messed up Mummy's plans to bring me out. No swimming, no water works, no parks, not even going to Compasspoint to sit my favourite Barney ride. :(


Because I'm down with CHICKEN POX.

So let's see where did I go over the past few weeks to land myself in this predicament.

I was chilling out all week with my Oakley sunglasses...

And to ease off the hot weather, a bottle of chilled yakult... (I wished they served it with ice)

*sip sip sip* AHHHHHH... ...

The weather got too hot for comfort and so I (or rather, Mummy) had my hair shaved. It didn't make things better when I bawled my lungs out at the hairdresser and scared off all their clients. The stylist even gave me a discount voucher but told me to try their other salon next time.

I even took Barney & friends out for a ride... ...

And had a free meal at The Line with Gong Gong and Por Por. It rocks being a kid! It was my first time calling Gong Gong on his birthday. Gong Gong was certainly very pleased but Mummy still paid the bill anyway.

So after all the smashing fun I had over the past few weeks, free drinks, free meals and even free rides... ...


Boohoo. I hate chicken pox!