Sunday, May 10, 2009

I want everyday to be Mother's Day...

Sorry for the mushy post.

Allow me to bask in this moment of bliss.

Just when I thought this year's Mother's Day would be half as miserable as last year, it only took a simple gesture to make all things perfect.

I know the flowers were bought by Daddy. But the thought of Jayden presenting the bouquet to me was enough. :) Ahhhh...let me get lost in my imagination... ...

Flowers - $30

Awfully Chocolate cake - $20

Awfully Chocolate ice cream - $15

Dinner with just the 3 of us - SPLENDIDLY PRICELESS

Thanks Hubby for all the arrangements! Although a Chanel would have upped the scale of PRICELESS! :P Oh... I'm just kidding...