Friday, May 1, 2009

Home for the long weekend

Hi, this is Jayden - the resident blogger. I have taken over the keyboard today as I'm stuck at home for the long weekend. Yep, I messed up Mummy's plans to bring me out. No swimming, no water works, no parks, not even going to Compasspoint to sit my favourite Barney ride. :(


Because I'm down with CHICKEN POX.

So let's see where did I go over the past few weeks to land myself in this predicament.

I was chilling out all week with my Oakley sunglasses...

And to ease off the hot weather, a bottle of chilled yakult... (I wished they served it with ice)

*sip sip sip* AHHHHHH... ...

The weather got too hot for comfort and so I (or rather, Mummy) had my hair shaved. It didn't make things better when I bawled my lungs out at the hairdresser and scared off all their clients. The stylist even gave me a discount voucher but told me to try their other salon next time.

I even took Barney & friends out for a ride... ...

And had a free meal at The Line with Gong Gong and Por Por. It rocks being a kid! It was my first time calling Gong Gong on his birthday. Gong Gong was certainly very pleased but Mummy still paid the bill anyway.

So after all the smashing fun I had over the past few weeks, free drinks, free meals and even free rides... ...


Boohoo. I hate chicken pox!