Thursday, January 29, 2009

The week before CNY

In order to make sure there was ZERO disturbance, I voluntarily brought Jayden out alone while Dylan spent the next 4 hours spring cleaning our home.

Well, and being so early in the morning with all shops closed, it meant that shopping was near impossible. (bummer) And so, I bravely drove our little terror for a swim together at the new Sengkang Sports Complex.

Having his morning breakfast before the big dip. (ignore the 'zhao keng' diaper)

It looked so fun even I wanted to have a go at the slides!

In his still over-sized swim wear and life jacket

Jayden's eyes were fixated at the slides while I changed him into his swimming gear and each time I asked "Do you wanna play?" He'll excitedly scream "OK"

But just 10 mins before we were ready to hit the waters....

He chickened out....

The rest of the pictures were not taken as mummy and

kid were busy at the pool...

The entire morning went well as planned. It was a perfect time to be in the waters amidst the humid weather until it was time... ...


I panicked. How am I supposed to change my kid and at the same time change myself?!?
Thankfully, there was a mini bench in the cubicle. The muffin worked perfectly at times like these to keep the kid hands and mouth busy. But somehow, the kid was more busy looking at his mother instead. *blush* hehehe

Yes baby, we're all changed and happy. Let's come back again with Daddy this time!


PRIMA said...

Haha.. Jayden really got a 'notti' look in the cubicle!

Happy New Year to you and family :)