Sunday, September 21, 2008

His 1st celebration

....with about 30+ October babies!!!

This is a terribly late post. The bash was held on 7th Sep but I only managed to drag my fingers to start blogging about it.
It was such a sight to see so many babies gather around to celebrate their coming 1 year old.

Some photos...

Jayden with a bag of balloons. The Pooh bear was even bigger than him!

He hasn't learn to point yet but he'll do this if he spotted something

Boys and cars seemed to be a natural. We literally have to pry his fingers away from the steering wheel to get him off

Even making goofy faces at each other didn't help...

The birthday cake with Winnie the Pooh Theme. Very nicely done but the taste was mildly delectable.

And lastly a family portrait taken with a DSLR. Credits goes to Alice who make me look like my hair looked good for once!


Jayden will turn ONE in October. How time flies indeed!

His character is slowly forming and I'm glad that he shares things when asked to. Although most of the time, he throws into a huge temper when you disapprove/disallow him to do dangerous things which he wants to. (*cough* very much like his father *cough*) Looks like alot of discipline has to be put in place SOON.