Sunday, August 24, 2008

We got to fix that hair

Brought Jayden to Fidgets last Sunday to book the place for his coming 1 year old party. We simply loved the place as it's bright and spacious. Only drawback is the ulu location though we were very much surprised by the crowd there.

We have been delaying for the upteen time to get his 1st hair cut. I attempted to trim the sides once but mission failed. We thought that once the hair gets longer, it'll kind of 'fall in place'. But we were so wrong!! His hair is like static! It keeps standing up! On close up, he looks fine but in photos, he looked like a terrible hair day. :(

Further evidence...

Jayden obviously having fun despite his unglam image...

And taken with mummy with her hair extensions! hehe

Most of the photos were taken with his lips pursed, think he's teething again. Last count 4 top, 4 bottom!


Prima said...

So u DID extend ur hair.. haha no wonder i felt DIFFERENT when i saw u that day.. hehehe

Emily said...

hahaha..yea...and I was wondering how come no one asked! *bah*

Prima said...

hahahhaa i wanted to ask then like not v sure.. *paiseh* mah.. so shy..kekkekeke..

anyway, u look great :)