Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eat your ABCs

- ABC pasta
- Minced Beef
- Onions
- Capsicum
- 1 cube of carrot, potato & brocolli puree

Having fed Jayden the same ole fish porridge for the past 2 months, I decided to introduce a new variety of food. Bought the ingredients on Fri night and was eager to make his pasta lunch on Sat.

As usual, Jayden woke up at 1pm, in a daze, and I propped him in his high chair, put on his bib and got him all ready to be served. He took on the 1st mouthful quite apprehensively. And then started to take on more once he got used to the taste & texture. I was quite happily feeding the lil terror until he started to make the 'vomit' face. Is it the BEEF or the PASTA? Thinking that he didn't like the texture, I decided to puree it instead. NO LUCK. He wouldn't take another mouth. :( Half a bowl of pasta WASTED.

Maybe I should try chicken next time.