Thursday, July 17, 2008

His 1st time...

To spend Mommy's birthday.

This year is a special year to me.

It not only marked the gap nearer to 30s, we get to spend it with a new member in the family. And of course, a time where I get spoilt by my dear friends and Dylan.

I think the theme for this year's birthday is - REJUVENATE. I've received presents all related to groom myself, make myself look ravishing and smell better. I take that as a hint that motherhood has made me 10 years older.

There were: -

1) Birds Nest - To re-energize my body
2) Dior make up - To make myself pretty all day
3) Crabtree & Evelyn Full Body Shower Set - If only we had a bathtub at home to soak in! It would be heavenly!
4) Anna Sui Perfume - Yes, I'll try not to smell salty all the time
5) Ipod Touch - My birthday choice from Dylan

And last but not least, to pamper myself, although it came a few days late.


Disneycafe @ Anchorpoint

The celebrations started on Saturday. It was just 3 old ladies and a very grouchy baby.

Liv, Bon, Me, Grouchy Jayden & his smelly pillow

Japanese Restaurant @ UE Square

Dylan caught me by surprise this time by scheming planning this together with Celeste.

We had lots & lots of sashimi platters, beef, tempura and then ended the session with a yummylicious oreo cheesecake from Celeste & Kevin. You can tell that it's a yummy cake from Ziv's eyes. ;)

Bryan's House
Bryan surprised me for the 1st time as well by organizing a get-together at his place. And it turned out to be a mini celebration for me as well. And as usual, my friends know my weakness for chocolates. ;)

1st birthday family potrait

Special Delivery to Office

I specifically told Dylan that I didn't want flowers delivered to my office this year. And this time, he really threw me off my feet. He sent me cupcakes instead.

18 beautifully hand-made cup cakes from The Patissier

It certainly attracted alot of attention from the office and I was made to share them. :(

Despite the eventful birthdays I've had over the years, nothing beats the simple but heart-warming celebration I had for this year. It was with my family, my friends whom have stood by me thru these years.

And I know the biggest credit would go to Dylan. Thank you for being such a wonderful daddy and hubby. Please keep it up! Hahahah...


ecookie said...

awww.. that is so sweet! u've a good hubby!

and i love LV too!! *yummy* hehe.

@PinkYAff@ir said...

lol...MIL...happy ar...

jO@nNe said...

u are so DARN blessed...! i'm so jealous! anyway...happy birthday to u...hw old arh?! haha...
i love LV tooooo ! *slurp*

Daddy and Mummy said...

wow.. so sweet leh! and the cupcakes look yummy!!

Emily said...

hehe...that's the only time we get to be queen for a moment. hehe

don't be jealous. you have a good hubby too what. At the best moments to be a SAHM with Darius! I envy that!

thanks! the cupcakes were nice. except that it wasn't chocolate. :P

Prima said...

wah... so many fruitful celebrations!! nice cupcakes & presents!~!! yumz yumz..

the cupcakes tasted good??

rene said...

oops I am late, but HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you had a wonderful and very special birthday :) Love the little cupcakes!

hiPPo said...

babe, dun u just love him to bits? haha!