Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bye bye

We have been trying to teach Jayden to do the Bye Bye sign since his 7th month. Sometimes he does it out of jest, sometimes he doesn't at all. So we concluded that he didn't know the meaning of it yet.

Until last Sunday, we were at my Aunt's place having dinner and it was approaching bed-time. As usual, Dylan and I were busy feasting on durians and totally ignoring Jayden's cries for bed-time. (Ok, it was that bad alright) As I carried Jayden, he started waving at everyone in the house. We thought it was just a moment of action until we asked him to wave again, and again and AGAIN! I think it was his cue to say "Ok everyone, I'm tired. Goodbye!" hahahaha...

New milestone achieved!!!

P.S. Although it's getting on my nerves now when Dylan's family starts to keep asking Jayden to wave goodbye just for the fun of it.