Monday, December 31, 2007

His 1st television

I couldn't resist posting this video.

Look at how Jayden was engrossed watching the television and then got irritated by his grandpa who couldn't stop disturbing him. Heh.

Jayden's 1st Xmas

... So X'mas is over and the start of another new year is approaching.

It really baffles me sometimes at how Time whizzes thru. This year X'mas is very special for Dylan and me as we celebrate it with a new addition to our family - Jayden.

We're thankful that there are so many friends of ours who adores him. In fact, he's got the most X'mas pressies than the both of us!

Well, initially he didn't seem quite happy when we put him on his 'pillow'.

Jayden very unhappy at his sitting arrangement.

We also realized that making Jayden laugh at the camera was the hardest thing to do! We had to call his name, make funny faces, babytalk and if that wasn't enough, we even had to dance for him!

Jayden finally realized that the presents are for him

So happy that he kicked the pressies away

And then when Mommy and Daddy got exhausted from all the cajoling, we opened up his presents only to find a very unhappy Jayden again.

And so we continued to call his name, make funny faces, babytalk and dance... ...

And he was all happy again...

Merry X'mas Jayden. We look forward to spending more with you next year!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My miracle...

Dear Jayden,

9 months ago, I could still hardly believe your existence.
Seeing you grow each time at the ultrascan makes my heart skip a beat more for you.

9 months later, I saw you for the first time and teared when I heard you cry.
Seeing you grow each day makes me feel that the sleepless nights admist the many times you tried to terrorize Daddy & Mummy is all worth it.

Holding your hand in mine makes me feel how fragile a life can be and yet so real.
You're the continuation of our life.
Thank you for giving us this magical feeling...

We love you.

Daddy & Mummy.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's OVER...

....... ........


I'm back to work tomorrow. :(

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy 2 months!

Our lil bub turns 2 months today. Seeing him growing everyday is an amazing feeling.

My computer is full of Jayden's photos. Every week, his features changes. Although most of the time, everyone still says he looks very much like his mom - ME. :)

Imagine from this screaming fella...

to this curious little boy!

Jayden, like any other babies enjoy his bath time alot. Whenever we strip him down, he'll be kicking in enthusiasm.

Looking back, I still miss the times when he was still in my tummy actively kicking away. But whenever I look at him smiling back at me, my motherhood instincts tells me it's all worth it!

Some photos to share...

Jayden lifting his head while on his tummy...

And a very strangled Jayden by his own dad...hehe

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Do you still remember?


They say usually baby will start to put on weight coming their 2nd month but Jayden seems to be losing the baby fats on his face isn't it?! At 6 weeks, he's already weighing at 4.7kg!

Bringing Jayden to the doctor...

We brought Jayden to see a baby specialist last week as he seems to be having alot of stomach discomforts in the wee hours of the morning thus refusing to drink his milk.

We were quite shocked that the so called specialist didn't really live up to his reputation when he blindly diagnose Jayden with colic and lactose intolerance. We were even more appalled to learn that he prescribed a medicine to Jayden so that he could 'sleep better'.

WHAT KIND OF MEDICINE is that to actually make a baby SLEEP BETTER?!

We left the specialist clinic feeling very cheated. :( How can our baby be lactose intolerance when he's not even vomitting, pooes everyday and is gaining weight at a fairly good range! SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!! *ROAR*

Other Updates

Presenting Jayden's first smile! (Or rather his first smile captured on camera) And note the double chin!

And this is Jayden trying very hard to say "Good Morning"

Random updates

After the confinement lady left, I was left alone with Jayden. I was very apprehensive being left alone with the little terrorist after the drama I had with him but at the same time, I know this is the only precious time I have to bond with my baby.

Jayden is becoming more aware of the surroundings now. He coos and giggles everytime we tried to talk to him. It's amazing to see him respond in enthusiasm and we can tell how much he wanted to talk to us but could only speak in his baby language. He can only say "Ah-goo" now but that already amazes us!

Some of the developments we've noticed so far: -

  • Holds head steady when upright (his favourite position)
  • Lifts head briefly when lying on stomach
  • Grabs your t-shirt tightly when you're bathing him
  • Makes noises other than crying (baby talk)
  • Rolls from side-to-side
  • Doesn't like to be distubred when he's drinking his milk
  • Eyes follow when his dad speaks to him
Jayden in his favourite Ultraman sleeping position

All ready to go out!

In his favourite chair

Everyday is a new discovery for us. :)

Jayden 1 month celebration

... Ok. I know this is long overdue especially when Jayden is already coming to 2 months! How time flies when I was still miserably counting down to the end of my confinement.

Some photos to share on his 1 month celebration... We were so busy 'entertaining' the guests, we didn't took much photos!

Jayden in his birthday suit

One happy family

Jayden's baby cake

Sadly, this is the only family potrait we have so far since I refused to take any photo during my confinement aka 'fat' period. And we didn't get to share Jayden's cake with our friends cause silly mommy forgot all about it!!! -_- So we ended up distributing to Dylan's relatives who came late.

On behalf of Jayden, we thank all our friends, colleagues, relatives and familes for the generous presents and money gifts. He sure is one happy baby now. :D