Sunday, December 4, 2011

That once a year family trip

I've tried to adhere to my minimum once-a-year trip for the son. And undeniably, Club Med has been our unanimous choice over the years - food and activties all taken care of.

This time, we were more excited because Jayden has come to realized the concept of going for a holiday = lots of milkshake, sand, play and basically no school!

When you fly budget, there is no such thing as in-flight entertainment, so please bring your own. This trip has made me re-think the idea of getting an iPad - it is more lightweight, has all movies integrated in one source (don't need to bring multiple CDs and worry about being caught for buying pirated), can play games, etc. I think I've just made my point.

The best thing about Club Med is that, food and drinks are perpetually available from as early as 6am to as late as 2am. I confessed my 1kg weight gain reflected during the medical check-up to this sinful trip.

Jayden trying to fake a very excited smile

So after all the calorie-infused junk food, it is time to tour around the resort. Another bonus point for the trip was that the son had just turned the minimal age to join the mini club.

Finally!!! Dylan and I can have some US time to try out other activities in the resort. Another plus point to be in Thailand - massage palours are EVERYWHERE - every nook and corner. I managed to sneak out near the resort and get my daily dose of muscle kneading. :)

Ahhh...bliss. Let's enjoy the sunset for a while...

Well, the following day didn't turn out as what we had planned. Jayden had a fever on the 1st night and so we decided to bring him along while we cabbed down to Patong.

And to bring a restless 12.5kg child along is certainly no joke. We never knew exerting eye power to keep watch on the boy can turn out to be so tiring.

But of course, he knocked out first...

So while the boy is soundly asleep, we had to reward ourselves with authentic Thai food! I was slightly disappointed that Club Med served only international buffet as their guests were mainly Caucasians. But how can one come to Thailand and not have a taste of their cuisine?!?

Where is my Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Green Curry and Mango Sticky Rice!!!!!! Cannot do injustice to my stomach right!

It is not long before the terror is up to his tricks again. We stumbled upon Hard Rock and Jayden caught me by surprise this time. "Mummy! Look!"

And there, I took a photo of him posing spontaneously like the mannequin.

Not bad huh. Even know how to close his eyes

And when we thought his silly tricks were over, Jayden insisted on taking a photo with the DSLR. As you can see from the photo, I am not smiling. *breaks into a cold sweat*

One of the activities at the Mini Club

And the highlight of the trip - SNORKELING! This would not have been possible if Jayden didn't stayed at the Mini Club. We were out at the sea of half a day and I even had time to go for a massage session before picking him up! Ultimate shiokness!

And that pretty much sums up our family trip for the year. I have also exhausted almost all of the Club Med options - Bintan, Bali, Phuket.

Son, we hoped you have enjoyed yourself with us so far. We have tried to create many happy memories for you and certainly hope you can remember them as your grow up. But even if you forget, fret not, we still have the photos, videos and not forgetting the credit card bill to remind you. Just kidding.

Looking forward to your next trip!