Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And so he is 4

Once again, before we head off on our long-awaited family trip, I am compelled to write about the son's 4th birthday. Unbelievable Four.

I have been trying to keep a low-key celebration so as not to give the boy the notion that birthdays are lavished with tonnes of balloons, a humongous cake and gazillion of presents. Ok I'm exaggerating but the point is to keep it simple. But simplicity is always an understatement when it comes to the only child of the family.

So first, let's draw attention to the food spread before we go into the party details. We had seafood with a full sea view at our table. How nice. My dad aka the grandpa suggested to have a family staycation over at Changi Beach Club. I thought this was really a nice idea to bring Jayden to see my childhood playground - this is the place when I was young, where my family would frequent to on every single-never-missed weekends, where I would look forward to meeting my friends and do all sorts of silly things that you don't even need an iPad/Facebook to pass time and where we practically grew up in.

Food galore *nom nom nom*

Introducing Uncle Melvin - they are exactly 24 years 3 months and 19 days apart - both also pig la. You can see that Jayden is giving a patronizing smile because Uncle Melvin didn't prepare any present. *gua gua gua*

And this is Uncle Dickson. Considering that the bigger 'pig' didn't really get along with this younger brother, I am surprised that Dickson has a knack with Jayden. Of course, bribery with a gift always helps. See, even the dimples are showing.

How to miss out the hosts of this staycation - Ah Gong and Ah Ma. Thank you for making it possible!

As you can see, towards the end, the boy has practically lost all the energy to smile. He just can't wait to open up the presents. Tsk tsk.

See what I mean?

And then it's time to cut the cake and get down to the crux of the itinerary... ... SWIMMING.

Again, I'm glad that we had another family bonding time with my side of the family. The birthday boy had his fun but of course the fun never ended there...
The following day, we met Godma Liv for... ... *DRUMROLL*

*** ICE CREAM ***

No words can express his contentment.... Except probably this... ...

*beaming* We had no rules that day. Jayden picked his ice cream creation and had it all to himself!


Armed with a bag full of goodies and his 'self-picked' cake, we head off to his school for his celebration finale.

Dear Son,

Thank you for staying healthy and happy for the past 4 years and growing. We hope you have enjoyed your journey with us so far. We know you enjoy annoying us with your endless antics but sometimes it's good to mellow down and go slow. Please continue to bring joy to our lives and create beautiful memories. Hope you'll enjoy our family vacation to Club Med Phuket tomorrow! Stay healthy, stay cheerful, stay as my little baby always.


Daddy & Mommy

P.S Jayden says thank you to all Aunties & Uncles for the lovely presents and well wishes!


PRIMA said...

Happy Birthday Jayden!!

And he has such a pretty classmate (in purple)!!

Emily said...

I notice her the first time I went to the school too! she's a mixed!