Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moving on to another school

Dear Son,

This post serves as my letter of explanation to you as to why I have decided to put you through another tormentous round of new environment, new friends, new teachers next year.

It has seemed like we have been changing school every year. As much as we try to avoid, the previous and the current ones just didn't fit the bill. When you were 2, we wanted to put you in a playgroup so as to build your social skills and understand the concept that your life just didn't evolve around the 4 walls of Bishan Street 13.

Even at the mere age of 2, school was already competitive with the atrocious long waiting list. And so you only enjoyed playgroup at Brightstart Montesorri with Teacher May for a couple of months before you moved on to a proper pre-nursery at Thomson Church Kindy.

Life was pretty smooth-sailing and you enjoyed your 3 hours session in school with Teacher Patrick and 陈老师。And there, we witnessed our once introvert son performed on stage to the music of "Round the clock" on your pre-nursery graduation day. We cannot be more proud of you, son. But family obligations never quite meet your life expectations and so we were once more made to believe that putting you in a daycare center would be the optimal choice.

I do not wish to recall the 26 cold calls I dialled sounding like a fanatic mom with no home for my son. I also do not wish to recall the heart-wrenching moments witnessing your 1st week at school, wondering amidst your tears why does school last from 8am to 6pm. And after all the ordeal, you have moved on being a more confident, conversant and independant boy. Good on you boy!

We thought we could finally put our minds at ease and Jayden can nuture his growing years in Agape. Unfortunately, finding a good school is like striking lottery nowadays. In a span of 10 months, the nursery class has changed 6 teachers - yes both English and Mandarin teacher! *covers jaws dropping* Some re-cap of their special characteristics.

Teacher Leela - Started her disappearing acts once Jayden joined school. Would only come to school once or twice in a week.

张老师 - The goofy one. She looked like Abigail twin sister. Once, Jayden came home in his inverted underwear - when I meant inverted, one of the thigh area went into waist area. *gua gua gua*. Finally left because she said she missed 娘家。-_-

Then Teacher Amy - Hooray! Local teacher! But this high class teacher only work half day because she has 'other commitments' in the afternoon. Fine. We accomodate. Unfortunately, she couldn't tolerate the kids and left. Very high class lor.

陈老师 - Sounded like a definite Malaysian but insisted she was from China. During the MTP, she even said kids at these age shouldn't put so much stress on studying so Jayden not being able to lift the pencil is a small issue. Somebody!! Please tell her she should be a nanny not a teacher!

Finally with Teacher Elnie and 庞老师。They are still around. I have lost hope trying to interact with them.

We have tolerated not switching schools despite the lack of discipline in maintaining the quality of the teachers. From local teachers, it dwindled to hiring only Filipinos and PRCs. I have no adverse feelings against these two nationalities. After all PRCs do speak proper Mandarin. But the last straw came when the entire school became infested with Filipinos who couldn't even convey proper messages to me when my son got hurt in school. I was further appalled to see Jayden doned in another classmate's uniform. Didn't the Filipino teacher notice the names on the name-tag?!? My son is not Rendall Seah! *smacks forehead*

Anyway, enough of grieving. My dear son, I hope you understand why Mommy and Daddy is putting you to another school. We're not sure if it will be better because we're not admitting that we're always right and know what's best for you. So we hope you have an enjoyable birthday celebration at Agape before you move on to your new environment at Elfa and make more friends.

Remember, Mommy and Daddy will only want the best for you. Keep smiling.