Monday, September 12, 2011

What's going on with the Yips these days?

Well, I haven't got much to say.

The man in the house is half the time out on weekends working and I cannot bring myself to get out of the house in the sweltering heat. I am almost ashamed to confess that the son and I spent most of the time doing unproductive stuff at home too.

On some days, we spent building sandcastles - not in the air but literally. The son has a penchant for getting himself muddy and wet and we reckoned that it's healthier to do some outdoor activity before he becomes a hermit and hides himself behind an iPad.

Just the other day, I finally embraced the courage to hand-make some cards together with the son for his teachers day. I was under the impression that he only had 2 teachers to prepare until he list out the rest of them he knew from playgroup to K2 that he insisted to give pressies to. *hears wallet crying*

So after holding his hand to write 10 teachers day cards, I am almost certain that next year it would be less labourious that I just print out labels instead. Thank you technology!!!

And lastly, in return of appreciation, the teachers decided to hold a surprise tea party inviting the parents to watch their precious one perform a surprise act. When I meant surprise, I was supposed to be there with an astounded-jaws drop-overwhelmed look when you watch your kid do his trick.

Well, I wasn't because Jayden got too excited and practiced it in front of me every night. Nonetheless, it was nice to see the son being comfortable on stage and enjoying himself. :)

And that pretty much summed up our lackluster lives these days. Don't you think we need a vacation soon?!?