Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer vacation

After pinning months and months for our Europe trip, it was well over and done. That was 2 months ago.

Our hearts started to itch.

Where shall we go again?

Having missed Hong Kong last year due to Dylan's new job, I decided that I have to do a good tour shopping around the land of 买东西,吃东西 .

This time I did my homework. And planned a full itinerary for our 5 days. We will leave no stones unturned, no streets unwalked.

We took Cathay Pacific on the red-eye flight. Reached HK at an unearthly hour. And since we couldn't check in to our boutique hotel yet, we made full use of the time for a day trip to Macau.

30 bucks for one-way per pax for the jetboat to Macau! Dylan and I were still cajoling each other to bet $120 on the table to recoup our transport losses.

First stop. Our favourite restaurant in Venetian. They serve one of the best honey char siew that melts in your mouth. Even better than Yung Kee I must say.

If you come to Macau, it is a sin to go back not getting their pastries and snacks. They have quite a few popular brands but we both personally like Koi Kei. I cannot imagine having to spend 100+ on snacks to bring home. I even lamented to Dylan that we should have brought a trolley bag along.

Other than eating and shopping, one must take photos to look like tourists. Having been to Macau before, we decided to forgo visiting the rest of the attractions due to tight schedule.

But it didn't long for us to be back to eating again. We ended the first day with a bagful of Macau snacks, probably 1kg heavier and 100% stomach satisfcation! :D

Despite the hotel room rate included breakfast, we decided to give it a miss as the spread was really mediocre. We were very thankful there was an awesome breakfast place just downstairs our hotel. I had toast, eggs and milo dinosaur almost daily!

And there begins our shopping journey. We went to Space Warehouse, Horizon Plaza at Ap Lai Chau. Decided to be adventurous and commuted by bus. So morning was spent shopping at factory outlets, come afternoon, it's back to the luxury streets.

We stumbled on this nice ramen restaurant at IFC mall called Wakayama. And me posing with my 1st birthday gift from Dylan - St Louis Goyard all the way from London. *beams*

Since being in HK, one must know how to live the yum cha life. So how can one miss not having dim sum at Maxim Palace? Surprisingly, other than the egg yolk custurd bun, the rest of the items wasn't really sensational.

This is where I found my 2nd love... ...

And here I am again, posing with my birthday gift I got for myself. Hehe. I was telling Dylan how I didn't own a hand-carry boston bag and how ESSENTIAL it was for different functions, waving my arms in excitment while I explained to him the context of my purchase. I don't think he ever understood a single word.

So if you can't talk sense to the man, you talk to his stomach... ...

This place opens till 1am daily! It serves a myriad of food and desserts and pretty affordable prices.

As you can see it, I am not proud of my impulsive purchases. But then again, a holiday is a time where you buy some happiness back with you right? RIGHT? :P We brought 2 large luggages along and we were still short of space! I am also secretly appalled by the husband's sudden vanity. He bought 2 pairs of shoes! And I didn't even get one!

At first, I thought 5 days were too much to spent in HK. I was SO WRONG. We only covered the main areas of Hong Kong Island. We did not even venture to Kowloon.

So with that very valid reason, I am sure we will be back in HK again soon!


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