Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Before October...

So before we bade farewell to September, I need to recall the snippets of events that we have encountered in just a span of 3 days over the long weekend.

Celebrations, celebrations and more happy celebrations to rejoice.

Bosco baby shower

Firstly, it was the arrival of lil Bosco - Chloe's younger brother. I love the smell of infants! They have a distinctive scent that makes you want to sniff at them like a maniac. Melts my heart when I saw Bosco falling into deep slumber after a satisfied milk feed. Reminds me Jayden used to be that tiny as well. :)

For Bosco's shower gift, I got carried away this time, thinking that I should put my rusty arty-farty skills back to use. And so.... ....

I decided to make my own diaper cake!

Ingredients: -
Receiving blanket
Burp cloth
A pair of baby shoes
And lots & lots of ribbons & tape
And I must say that it was not easy at all! I can wrap a square, rectangle shape box anytime. But to wrap something circular is even tougher than changing diapers for my son! Sorry Dewi for being my guinea pig. Hope you didn't have a tough time removing the double sided tapes. :P

It was a pleasant surprise to see Lleyton there as well! The kids had a whale of time in Chloe's playroom.

It was a pity that we had to leave earlier as I wanted Jayden to take his nap before attending another birthday party in the evening.

Deon's 6th Birthday

It was Jayden's cousin's 6th birthday at Loyang Aloha. I must say, this has got to be the most extensive celebration we've ever been to! There were magic show, balloon sculptures, lots of toys to play with, face painting and alot of scrumptious yummy BBQ food. This is the reason why I often find my diet plans outside the window. ^_^

Oct babies 2nd Birthday Bash

From being in pregnancy, to delivering, to sharing baby woes, to celebrating their 1st year of milestone, this will be the 2nd year we're celebrating the birthdays for all the October 07 babies who are now toddlers.

How did we ever get this far?

Kudos to the bash committee for making this possible. And of course, the mummies whom we have shared our joys, poured our woes and all kept in the secrecy of our forum. kekekekek...

This year, we opt for an animal theme. We picked an Elephant balloon that was bigger than the son. I think it was me who wanted the Elephant, because Jayden couldn't stop calling it Monkey.

Happy Birthday to all October kiddos!

Next month, October. It is going to be another roller-coaster ride.

P/S: Thanks to Jessie for introducing this wonderful photo-editing software!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Laws of attraction

Just the other night, we were at the car park and we bumped into a young couple and their 1 yr + old daughter.

She has the sweetest smile and charming eyes. And she was smiling at Jayden.

Like a shy boy, Jayden whispered to me "mei mei" and smiled coyly. I responded candidly, thinking it was just another kid.

And once the little girl was out of sight, Jayden pat my shoulder and said "Mummy, mei mei cute"


Which part of the television programmes has my son been watching? I have complimented the boy in many ways - clever, smart, cheeky, naughty and none was ever associated with the word "CUTE".

It is indeed remarkable how the kid selects his choice of words. As long as he doesn't say "Mummy is ugly".

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Before I forget

As the Son approaches his 2nd year, I have almost forgotten that he is no longer the dependant baby that relies on me to remember his feeding and sleeping schedule.

I no longer can dictate what he should be eating/drinking. If it's something the Son dislikes, he will display his displeasure in the most dramatic way that you can hardly notice.

So before I forget, I just need to pen down some of the memorable milestones.

  1. Jayden can sing the last word of each phase of the song such as - Twinkle x2 little star, Baa Baa Black sheep, Wheels on the bus, I love you Barney, etc
  2. He still can't count but he can tell us which bus to go to Bishan - Bus 56
  3. When asked on questions with "How many", he will always reply "2"
  4. He can form short sentences like "Mummy come back, fetch Jayden, go back home"
  5. He still loves riding on the bus and mrt. It makes me wonder when he will reach 0.9m
  6. Jayden is able to relate and recognize things - like going to the zoo, seeing monkeys, elephants and polar bears.
  7. I am glad that he shares his toys when asked. He doesn't have extreme possessivness.
  8. He corrects us when we say "Bus-stop", when it's actually "Interchange" - where did he learn that from?!
  9. Like every other kid, he loves music, especially grooving to hip-hop.
  10. I cannot remember when, but he has learnt the meaning of saying "No".

And there are so many more things that I wish I can recall.

My boy is growing up and there's a part of me wishing that he can always be that little boy I can cuddle to sleep with, demands me to sing him a song, holds my hand tightly when he's scared and run to me for a hug when he needs one.