Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Before I forget

As the Son approaches his 2nd year, I have almost forgotten that he is no longer the dependant baby that relies on me to remember his feeding and sleeping schedule.

I no longer can dictate what he should be eating/drinking. If it's something the Son dislikes, he will display his displeasure in the most dramatic way that you can hardly notice.

So before I forget, I just need to pen down some of the memorable milestones.

  1. Jayden can sing the last word of each phase of the song such as - Twinkle x2 little star, Baa Baa Black sheep, Wheels on the bus, I love you Barney, etc
  2. He still can't count but he can tell us which bus to go to Bishan - Bus 56
  3. When asked on questions with "How many", he will always reply "2"
  4. He can form short sentences like "Mummy come back, fetch Jayden, go back home"
  5. He still loves riding on the bus and mrt. It makes me wonder when he will reach 0.9m
  6. Jayden is able to relate and recognize things - like going to the zoo, seeing monkeys, elephants and polar bears.
  7. I am glad that he shares his toys when asked. He doesn't have extreme possessivness.
  8. He corrects us when we say "Bus-stop", when it's actually "Interchange" - where did he learn that from?!
  9. Like every other kid, he loves music, especially grooving to hip-hop.
  10. I cannot remember when, but he has learnt the meaning of saying "No".

And there are so many more things that I wish I can recall.

My boy is growing up and there's a part of me wishing that he can always be that little boy I can cuddle to sleep with, demands me to sing him a song, holds my hand tightly when he's scared and run to me for a hug when he needs one.