Friday, September 18, 2009

Laws of attraction

Just the other night, we were at the car park and we bumped into a young couple and their 1 yr + old daughter.

She has the sweetest smile and charming eyes. And she was smiling at Jayden.

Like a shy boy, Jayden whispered to me "mei mei" and smiled coyly. I responded candidly, thinking it was just another kid.

And once the little girl was out of sight, Jayden pat my shoulder and said "Mummy, mei mei cute"


Which part of the television programmes has my son been watching? I have complimented the boy in many ways - clever, smart, cheeky, naughty and none was ever associated with the word "CUTE".

It is indeed remarkable how the kid selects his choice of words. As long as he doesn't say "Mummy is ugly".