Sunday, September 21, 2008

His 1st celebration

....with about 30+ October babies!!!

This is a terribly late post. The bash was held on 7th Sep but I only managed to drag my fingers to start blogging about it.
It was such a sight to see so many babies gather around to celebrate their coming 1 year old.

Some photos...

Jayden with a bag of balloons. The Pooh bear was even bigger than him!

He hasn't learn to point yet but he'll do this if he spotted something

Boys and cars seemed to be a natural. We literally have to pry his fingers away from the steering wheel to get him off

Even making goofy faces at each other didn't help...

The birthday cake with Winnie the Pooh Theme. Very nicely done but the taste was mildly delectable.

And lastly a family portrait taken with a DSLR. Credits goes to Alice who make me look like my hair looked good for once!


Jayden will turn ONE in October. How time flies indeed!

His character is slowly forming and I'm glad that he shares things when asked to. Although most of the time, he throws into a huge temper when you disapprove/disallow him to do dangerous things which he wants to. (*cough* very much like his father *cough*) Looks like alot of discipline has to be put in place SOON.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Have you seen him?

Disclaimer: Photo posted purely for the fun of it. Jayden has started to understand that opening cupboards would open himself to a new world of exploration. Thank god he doesn't know where I keep his biscuits!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Having a sick baby is NO FUN

Jayden has been running a mild fever since yesterday night.

I have been taking care of Jayden alone for the past week while Dylan is away at reservist. This is the 1st time I'm handling a baby all by myself and it sure isn't easy. Driving to-and-fro from my MIL's place, feeding him myself, attending to his cries at night. It's indeed a challenge.

Jayden was fine and sleeping well since Monday, going to bed almost about the same timing. But on Thurs evening, we noticed that he felt warmer than before but we reckoned it was due to the humidity. Drove him home as usual and quickly slap on a cool pad to bring his temperature down. It was hovering around 37.1 - 37.4. The night was not over... ...

At midnight, Jayden was tossing and turning in bed. I felt his forehead and nearly got a shock! Measured his temperature several times with each take at 36.9 - 37.3. Stupid thermometer can't even measure properly!

The ultimatum came when Jayden woke up at 4am groaning, although still sleeping. Took his temperature this time and it was 37.6!!!! HOW NOW?! I kept pacing up and down his room, thinking if I should just rush down to A&E but worried at the same time that I can't handle him alone in the car.

Motherhood is indeed amazing when it channels your anxiety to energy which keeps you up ALL NIGHT to monitor your little one and making sure the fever is kept at bay. Of course, at mid-day, I'm already drained out by now. :(

Despite feeling lerthagic, I'm glad that the sponging somehow brought the temperature down a little.

All I need to do now is cross my fingers and hope that it gets better tonight before Dylan books out tomorrow.

I am keeping both fingers and toes crossed!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Recruit Jayden

Last Sunday, the weather was excrutiating HOT.

It didn't helped even when he wasn't wearing any clothes...

Having a bath was only a temporary measure... we even threw in a hand spa for him...

But shortly after, he was sweating again... And that was then I finally conceded defeat to my pair of scissors and brought Jayden to Juniors League for a proper TRIM.

After years of having my hair cut, I have concluded that any hairdressers do not know the meaning of TRIM. I told the dresser at JL that I wanted only to TRIM the lengths evenly.

Minutes later, after a struggling battle with a screaming & crying baby... ...

Recruit Jayden ready to report strength!

Development Assessment

Sidetrack, we brought Jayden for his overdue 9 month development assessment on Saturday. Nurse did the ear test to make sure his hearing was ok.

@ 10.5 months

Weight: 8.12kg

Height: 73cm

According to the nurse, he's at the 25th percentile, too light!! :(

Apart of that, he passed all other milestone tests. And yes, he can drink from a straw now too!